On the morning of July 21, Beijing time, the US duty wander Union ended a contest, the two

sides of the Arizona, the Arizona Sail Team and the Milwaukee Wine, with a continuous offensive of eight or nine, with 8-3 The score defeated the snake team and won the leading 2-1 in this four war.

Data highlight

The snake first pitcher Grangi seven games were only 2 points, and they also sent 9 three vibrators, but cowshed pitcher Chaffen took a three-component gun, ruined his good vote. In terms of hitting, only 6 amps in the auditors, Marty people contributed two.

Winemaker first pitcher Gio-Gonzalez four-game lost 3 points, hit, Jeregi single 3 play, Braun and Yucu have a single 2 placement, Musakas and The Tams single field is only 1 play, it is a home run.

Game process

The first bureau of the snake has been leading, after the two games, Christian Walker is sent back because the explosion station stationed on the second base, and the snake 1-0 ended the first game.

The Fourth Bureau of the winemaker will score, and the MVP popular Jeremia hits the first to play the second base to play, Braun a timely man-time, he sent him back to the base score, and the two MVP winners were jointly drawn. This semi-bureau, although it was then hit the second base to be hit by the Lubu, it was deliberately guaranteed to Tmiss, but the Granki or a single bureau got three three vibrations.

The fifth bureau of the snake set off a wave of strikes, and the seven eight nine rods continuous two-running is the first to get two points. After the veracar, the Pellata came to the three bases, but he continued to be the strongest hunter of the two ruts of Mart and Eskaba, successful hemostasis. The five games ended, the snake 3-1 leads.

In the middle of the sixth game, after the two out of the game, Tems slammed the Yangchun cannon, helping the winemaker recovered a point, and the winemaker only behind 2-3.

The eighth game of the tail snake reversed Granki, but Zhifen, who took him picked up, was knocked out by Musakas, and the winemaker 5-3 reversed the game. Although the second half of the Snake Snake is hit by Malt, Harde appeases Espoba and Walker, and Successfully frozen Martte on the three bases.

The Ninth Bureau of the Snake was sent to Godley, but he sent two guarantees for two consecutive delivery, although Zhen Zhen Gran Dao, but he was hit by Jeremiast, and returned to Assa, Goldley. Therefore, it was replaced, and the winemaker then captured the whole base, and the time of Pu Pu and then returned two points, and the winemaker got 8-3

The Jefris Kingdom appeared, although Amed, but he still didn’t lose, stabilized the game, and finally defeated the snake team with 8-3 score, in this four The lead in the battle has been awarded 2-1.

Both sides

Arizona Snake

First stick left outer wilder Tim – Locasstro

The second stick Chinese and foreign wilder Kittel Mart

Third stick, three bases Edward – Eshkiba

Fourth stick, a barrier, Christian-Walker

Fifth rod right outside field Adam – Jones

Sixth sticks two bases Wilmer – Florez

Seventh Battleman Nick Ameide

Eighth stick Catcher Carson – Kelly

Ninth Bar Pitcher Zach – Grande


First Bar Catcher, Asmani-Graniro

Second Bar Right Outer Wilder Cristian – Yalege

Third rod left outer wilder Len – Braun

Fourth stick Tablet Mike – Mustas

Fifth Bar Two Ringle Kingston – 樋樋

Sixth stick, Eric-Tamas

Seventh stick guerrilla Taylor – Salandino

Eighth stick, Gio-Gonzalez

Ninth Bar Sinowen Hand – Gamel

Next look

Tomorrow or two teams, the winemaker will send them the triumph in this season, in the 19th game of Woodrf, and the winemaker has achieved 15 wins and 4 losses. He this season. The self-sharing rate is also as low as 3.53, and 133 three vibrations were sent in the 114.2 bureau. The first shot of the tonic snake is the biggest surprise this season. 4 times first sent 5 times, and the 18.2 bureau only lost 2 points. The 2015 two-wheeled show in the correct road. Go forward.

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