How hard is 3000 points in the season? Activate 1 without Kobe is not achieved in 81

Single season 2000 points, the stars in the history of NBA have become too difficult, but 3000 points is too difficult. Don’t look at the age of the ball, the score data is overall, and the score is also reduced, but the active service will not have a single season 3000 points. So who has done history, 2 people so far, these two gods are who, we come to know.

It is necessary to say that the best score of the active single season is also Harden. He is 36.1 points in the 2019 season, and there is no suspense to win the score. Although he also played 78 games, he did not take 3,000 points. So crazy season, Harden is only 2818 points, the distance is 3000 points, still has a small gap.

Let us look forward, in addition to Harden is the most crazy of Kobe 81 points. This year, the year is 35.4 points, and the regular season has played 80 games, and he only won 2832 points. Even if he is full of 82 games, there is still 3,000 points, Kobe took 81 points this season, still did not achieve 3000 points, this difficulty is really too high.

But the difficulty is high, and there is still 2 people in NBA. The first place is Zhang Bolun, in his career second season, he has 38.4 points of war in 79 games, achieving 3,000 points. The whole career is a single season at least 3000 points, which is unique in history.

And who is, everyone is estimated to guess, that is Jordan. Jordan is the first person in NBA into modern basketball history. His offense is also a single gear, 10 times scored a record. It is not possible to surpass. He brought 82 games in the 1987 season, and the single session was broken 3000 points. This year, Jordan used the offense to conquer the alliance.

At this point, it seems that the single season will take 3,000 points, which not only requires a high score, and the number of play is basically 82 full-quality, and I don’t know who is the future star who is expected to achieve?