H-30 + 14 + 5! 24 million to kill an outbreak threat Nets bounce him

NBA regular season to continue, Bulls 133-119 victory over the Hornets, after the game, the Bulls re-ranking rose to the east, second only to Durant and Harden led the Nets. Won the victory for the Bulls is the number one contributor to the team center Vucevic. Overall, Vucevic played 35 minutes, 19 voted 12 to get 30 points and 14 rebounds, five assists and two blocked shots, very successful.

Hornets face of barren inside, Vucevic almost anything and everything on the offensive end. In addition to a solid inside scoring, his third ball is eyesight. Overall, he shot six three-pointers, all hit the basket, scoring just three-pointers on 18 points, occupy the whole individual score of 60%.

Vucevic physical fitness is not good, his speed and even https://www.maillotbasket6.com somewhat slow, but the center from Europe more solid basic skills. Taking advantage of opponents missed a chance, Vucevic also feel this hot night on the points again and again for the Bulls.

30 points https://www.nbatrikots4.com scored also created Vucevic highest score of the season, but this is the center of 24 million salary this season, the best performance of the season game.

Season to the present, Vucevic because the team lineup changes, individual performance has also been affected. Last season, he averaged 21.5 points, 11.5 can also get rebounds in the Bulls games, but this season with the addition of DeRozan and Bauer, the Bulls began to focus firepower on the outside, not only as a center Vucevic shot decrease in the number involved in the attack also affected the way.

In the past, he has enough to deal with the ball attack, back https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com singles or, coordinate or, outside shooting worth mentioning, he could easily handle the ball. But now, just outside the Bulls have three good players can handle the ball, plus Caruso also has some of the ball, get used to the ball in the low post offensive Vucevic before it also allows, it becomes necessary keep up the rhythm of his teammates.

It also makes some move slow Vucevic, had to leave their favorite low, leave their dessert area, which is also one of the reasons for his individual performance. Fortunately the game, outstanding performance of his three-pointers, which also makes him inside and outside the take-all, find a good state. The past three seasons, averaging almost every big kill low 20 and 10, also achieved a strong rebound.

This season, the Bulls’ performance far more than the outside world expected. They not only beat before Durant and Harden led the Nets, still away victory over Davis and Westbrook led the Lakers, and beat a lot of other good strength opponents.

But in the playoffs, the Bulls want to challenge the Nets, this lineup lacks enough playoff experience, a clear need to play better can. As a team inside the core, Vucevic play has become more important, after all, the Nets inside is relatively weak place.