Guo Lianxi District season prospects: the ram is getting rid of the fish, builds the Galaxy War Hawks, unable to rule the Jiangshan

8 partitions 32 teams fought in 6 months to finger 1 super bowl. The NFL 2018-19 season will be officially opened on September 7. Specially prepared a beautiful former food – eight days in front of the eight-day spring and summer, autumn and winter. Today, we pay attention to the Division is the most difficult to predict in the new season.

From the beginning of this season, the National Union West is a bit to change the meaning of the DPRK. The Seattle Haiying is seriously lost in the summer, and it has been unable to rule your own Jiangshan. Haoqiang Arizona Renary with the Retirement of Bishi Bruce – Aliis and the retiring of Carson – Paber has entered the reconstruction period, although the 49 people in San Francisco have established the strategy of Jimmy Galloo as the core team strategy, but Lack of people in other locations. Confused the biggest fish rod Los Angeles ram in previous years, last year, suddenly riser the top of the partition under the leadership of John Mac Wei, and the offering of the tour team was built to build a “Galaxy Warship” …

Los Angeles ram last season 11 wins in 5 losses, the first part of the Division, the National Outlook Card lost Atlantan Falcon

In the 2016 season, Los Angeles ram almost almost in addition to “Eating and sleeping Haiying”, when they can’t even get 7 wins and 9 losses, the management decisively fell off the head coach Jeff – Fisher. Then, the raw sheep appoints the original Washington red squid offensive group coach Shawn Mc Wei as the coach, and the 31-year-old McDon became the youngest coach in the history of the league. Mike Wei quickly changed the situation of the team these years of rotten, the offensive firepower was the strongest in the alliance.

Yonglan Galid Garyfrie’s entontrication in Mike won the water in the offensive system of him, full of 3804 yards in the whole season, only 7 times, only 7 times; Run Todde – Galley 2016 After over-sinking, the newborn is also re-exchanged last season, and it has also played the performance of the MVP level, and the 2093 yards promoted the total number of summons and 19 more than two data leading alliances. In addition to these two running beasts, Mike Wei’s tuning of the ram is basically impeccable. The offensive front line is not a pass protection or a shower cover. There is a better than a few days.

This year, the team offensive group has changed, the original attack coach Mike Flabel turned from Tennesi Toyan, and his leaving has little influence on the male, because Mc Wei himself can be very clear and convey of yourself. Tactical intentions, the attack tactical call in the game is usually responsible by Mike Wei. The team sent away from the Saimi-Watkins, and introduced Brandin Cook, 25-year-old Watekins, delay, can not be integrated into Mac Wei’s offensive system, so the team chooses to clean up him It is also a chapter, Brandin Kux, is very external to the patriot’s number one, and adapts to the new environment.

I’ve been highly talked about the defensive group. Last year, the ram invited the famous super bowl of Tentou Wade, Phillips, and his arrival will transform the ram from the 4-3 defensive system into its own 3-4 defensive system. Alon Donald, which has just renewed in the new season, is equipped with the inner rumored combination of the historical level, forming a true double ghost door, the former is the best defensive player in the alliance, known as sharp line killer and The four-point guard is destroyed, the latter is a huge behemoth with a height of 6 feet high and is known as the marinated small action. In the defensive second-line, the ram came from the transfer market to join the two professional bowls, the horn macus – Peters and Achib – Talib, in addition to this, the ravese also renewed the troh Cole Robie Kermann, leaving safe Wei Muja-Joeaner with a privileged label, and the joints of these people in the new season, I am afraid that only mosquitoes are difficult to put.

The defensive front line is 3 people to turn the river inverted the sea, and the defensive second-line secret is not released, but this does not mean that the defensive group has no weakness. The biggest problem in the defensive group of the last season is that the anti-run is very difficult, and the field is lost 122.3 yard rankings. The fifth, the offset team will be sent to the giant, and Robert-Kui Due to the dolphin, coupled with Cona-Bachen Contract, it can be said that the line must be a few weaknesses. The ram knows his shortcomings, so in the election, three signed reins, five rounds of Xiu Mai, Cather and Ogabenia – Okronolovo will become an important rotation player.

Offensions and defensive often complement each other, the defensive group helps offensive group reducing the burden to grab the ball, the offensive group is divided into defensive shares, reducing the play time of the defensive group, like the two of the two, simple, simple Unable. At the same time, please don’t forget the special group of the ram. Last year, the trip of the special group is selected, and the Faro-Cooper’s strong attack, Greg-Zul Rhein’s steady shoot and Johnny-Blackl’s Precision to abandon kicks, these little titles are the uncomfortable factors that the team has achieved success last season. Nowadays, all the rams, offensive, defense and special service, all are all alliance top levels.

Seattle Hawks last season 9 wins and 7 losses, the second part

With the end of the 2017 season’s regular season, the Seattle Hawks won’t be 10 wins in the first time in 6 years, and it also ended the record of the five consecutive years. The alliance talked to the National Union West, and all the teams did not fear the defensive defensive defensions of their horrible. However, now “bombing” is still still, but there is no longer seeing the army, leaving only one recall …

Since the eleventh year ago, General Manager John Schneider and the head coach Pete-Carol entered the Hawowwk, the Haiying team management has been very stable, and the two clear division of labor, one tube outside the pipe, the partner is already very tacit agreement. Carol can be said to be the main coach of the entire NFL to value the “competition” guidelines. He cured Seattle, the team, each gear offense, must rely on competition to win. The Route Sea Eagle has made great repairs for the coaching lineup and the player list, and removes several of the ministers of the stock, this first of the “competition” seems to be echoed to the Haiying team training ground once again.

Since the Haiying team defensive group coach Chris Richard will not continue to coach the team in the 2018 season, Song Ken-Norton returns to the Hawks, pick up the team’s defensive heavy responsibility. Norton has worked with Carol in many years, and has also played in the Haiying. Nowadays, the familiar place and the familiar people will have a work together, and they will have proven their own players in their familiar defensive systems. In addition, the original offensive group coach Darrell-Belville and offensive front line coach Tom-Kabur was also cut, the new season will be slammed by the former pony team four-point guards Brian – Shi Tenghemail offense, his primary task is to let It is currently more diverse to rely too much from the four-point guards, Wilson.

The Hawks of the sea eagle is very busy. In the spring of all things, the Haiyu team has repeatedly sent a key player, and even let the fans have smelled a sad breath. Michael Bente is the first important player of the team, followed by Richard-Shelman airborne San Francisco, Earl Thomas’s big contract is still negotiating, Paul Richanden is going to Washington, Jimmy – Glaham vocabulays, Kam – Qian Slele is bravely refused to bidder, Krif Afril is still trying to recover from injuries. For this series of people flow, General Manager John Schneider said that the Hawks in April did not rebuild, all everything was for the “reset” team.

The burden on Russell Wilson has never been so heavy. He has the highest number of foreign passages in the last season. The total number of total futures in the league, the total number of total, the leadership of the 4th section of the 4th, single-person, drive 81.5% Attack. The most fascinating data is that Wilson is the number one “running guard” in the team, leading the second place in the second place. Even if the pavement of the Haiying team is not satisfactory, Wilson has passed its own efforts to join the most valuable players in the season. This season, the Seahawk needs to find the way to attack the road attack, so the first round sign is that Rara de-Peni is imperative, the team hopes that he can access the performance of the “beast mode”. In addition, they should also need to reset their offensive front lines to ensure smooth operation of attacks. Defense, Bobby Wagner, K.j. Wright, Frank Clark and Earr-Thomas have to assume responsibility.

Focus player observation: Russel Wilson has always been one of the best quarters of the league. From the technical player of the team, the Haiying team is still trustworthy. Safety Wei Er – Thomas is difficult to continue to walk with the Hawks, which seems to be the soul of the defensive group, he is one of the best wire guards in the league, and the excellent defensive consciousness makes him Teammates can do everything you want to do. I think of the Eagle of the 2012 year, they pass the draft rebuild team, in the past ten years, no team is more successful than the rebuilt of the Hawks, and now they need to repeat again.

Arizona Renary last season 8 wins 8 wins 8 losses, the third

Lao Shuai Bruce – Alius retired, meritorious quartz San – Pammer retired, the team also cut off the running guard Peterson and the star safety Dai Lan – Matthew, the League Jin Marli Sang, the Titan, the red, the red, the semi-reconstruction period. Just an end, the team hired the original Carolina Black Leopard’s destinatory group coach Steve Wilkes as a new coach, and the most important choice made in the offset period was the tenth order Talent Quartz San Roson.

Jurason hurts the teammate helmet by the right thumb in the training, so Wilkes said that he would arrange Rosen on the right time. However, it is clear that the Red Pitch has not developed Rosen’s talent, his pass and control of the ball capacity need to be strengthened. As long as Sam Bradford is kept healthy, Rosen will sit on the field on the field like the season in the new season. The ramp offensive group is not lacking, David Johnson is the best running balanced running guard (2016), 879 yards on the ball in 2016. With Carson-Palmer retired, injury returned Johnson became a non-two candidate of the rock attack engine. Larry Fitzgerald can be said to be the most expensive experience in the union, and he is still 35 years old. He still contribute his strength in the red tick. Rade is still conscientiously praised by the world on the training ground, is the spiritual leader of the team.

The head coach Wilkes hits 4-3 defensive formations in the Black Panther, and likes to use corner guards, security guards, and the Red Tit has a talented defensive group. Chandler-Jones and Marcus Grunetton are one of the best rushing partners in the league. If Hassan-Redke is able to get rid of injuries, then the container defense of the rickets will not be poor. The team’s second-line defensive depth is as strong as in previous years, and last season’s anti-transmission ranking League 14th’s rickets have been looking for Patrick Peterson’s partner. They selected the sixth round of the sixth round this year, and the corner of Kris Campbell and the corner of Klveland Brown traded Taylor. The new season Bada-Baker will fill the vacancy of Taylor-Matthew, and he and the two second-grade players of Hassan-Redick are expected to usher in the outbreak.

Focus player observation: David Johnson injury, after returning, he is still one of the monster-level players of this league; Lari Fitzgerald is not old, although with years of lapse Fitzgelad It’s no longer able to pick up the two-year-old league number outside the end of the end area, but he can still grave another thousand code season with your own technology and experience. On the side of Patrick Peterson Town, the side of Taishan, no matter which outer hand can easily resolve the crisis, the red ramp has the best defensive players this year. Chandler-Jones is a killing king last season, just hearing this name to the other offensive group, not helpful to fear three points. The new season of the National Union West District Ram is a unique, and the remaining three teams have a thousand autumn, the strength is relatively average, and it is necessary to grab a foreign card.

San Francisco 49 people last season 6 wins 10 losses in the fourth

In the 2017-2018 season, 49 people were turned into a trace of peace, Qi-Kelly, after class, the team enabled the original restriction offensive group coach Kyle Salunan, as a leading falcon broke into the 51st super bowl Attacking group coach, Salunhan chose trust is also the general manager of “New Show” John Lynch, forms a leadership team of 49 new era. After the two men decided to do a big job, the break is the list of the team’s list, and bring a key ring of rebuilding – Jimmy-Gallo.

In 2017, the first day of the transfer gate closed, 49 people took Bridy’s successor Jimmy-Gallolo to San Francisco. Galloolo was sitting in a few bench, and the three seasons of the three seasons, including Titan, American tiger and the ram, got 5 games, fans shouted “MVP, MVP, MVP!” Send Galloolo to the altar. The four-dimensional career preambled in Piliceth was won the winner, let 49 people rejuvenate the hope of the National West champion. Entering the break, Gallopolo signed a 5-year $ 137.5 million in fat, the team hopes that he can keep the trend last season lead San Francisco advance.

The offensive weapon of Gallopolo is relatively cold, the team needs a young experience like Sami-Watekins, can eventually reserve the original race last season, Pierre – plus Made from Marquis Gude to the gold double gun. The adventure is high-income, and the McKinnon is a big hidden danger of the team. He will replace Carlos-Hyde has become the team’s number one running guard, but it is reimbursed in McKinnon race in two days ago. All-Health Kay Jul Sick is the key to the offensive of Salunhan, and his all-round can help the team for more choices. 49 people’s offensive front lines were obviously left and right, and the court was cut off the vest – Biende followed the first round of Xiu Zeken – Tom Linsen, plus professional bowls attack cut offsterior Joe-Sorti, team Ability to make more articles on the left. On the right, Jonathan – Cooper and Giile – Gilim also competes for the first right striker, the main disappearance of Hue Rick Magnon is two months, can this season return or unknown.

The 49-person defensive group is no longer a countdown in the league, and they are in the most need for replenishment defensive end position to support two first-round Show Solomon – Thomas and Ali Armste. In terms of line guards, because Lu Ben-Foster’s ban, the team is likely to emerge in Markham-Smith. The biggest attraction of 49 people in the course is to make up the defensive second-line, attracting the “Boom Army” general Richard – Sherman. From Seattle to San Francisco, it is very convenient to stay in the National United States. It is very convenient for Shelman to adapt to the opponent’s opponent. His arrival can also beat Lu Ben-Foster. It is also worth mentioning that the team’s special group is super excellent (free kick, abandoning back to attack 2), play the ball Robby – Gold, hit rate 41 39.

Focus players Observer: San Francisco 49 people will enter the second year of Kyle Salunan, also Jimmy Galloolo. The 2018-2019 season is a year of 49 people in the eyes of all people. This youth near Guards exude the vitality and vitality, and the old Sherman will take the town. There is a proud football history in the Bay Area, and 49 people in the new season are no longer signs.

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