Green Bay packaging industry broke the new crown epidemic star outside the Ergonard, the martial arts

After the seventh week, the Green Bay packaging warefart came out of bad news. The team’s star takes over Dtht Adams’s new crown detection is positive, and is placed in the backup list, and this Friday doubts to Arizona.

Inside the packaging team, it is not only infected with the new crown. The team defensive coordinator Joe-Barry and another take-away Allen Razad have also been diagnosed with new crown viruses. Matt Raffler said that after the outbreak of the epidemic in the team, the team has increased the protection level. Regardless of whether there is any vaccination, everyone must wear masks in the closed space, and the relevant conference is also moved to the line.

The two of Adams and Bari have vaccinated, so as long as the two have been negative in two days after the two days, they can participate in negative. Recently exploded Razad did not vaccinate the vaccination, and he must lack 5 days in accordance with the Alliance’s Protection Ordinance.

This season Adams is still the top external connections in the alliance. He went to a total of 52 successful balls, ranked second in the league, and the number of balls was 744 yards, and the third of the league is located. Adams’s lack of offensive groups of Green Bay packaging workers are a heavy hammer, and Lazad is more snow.

However, in the past three seasons, the packaging industry offensive group has proved that they are not inseparable from Adams. Adams missed 6 games, and the packaging workers won all the game, with average 32 points per game.

In 2019, the packaging facade pair Dallas Cowboy, Alon Jones stationed out of 4 times, and then facing the chief cut 226 yards.

At 2020 Sai Yadus, Lazad and the near-ended Robert Tony Station, helping the team to win the last victory. This week, the packaging work is facing Arizona, which is unbeatable. Once Adams confirms the absence, if you want to continue the winning victory, someone must stand out.