Giants 13-2 overcome priest On the morning of July 2, Beijing time, the US duty wander Union San Francisco Giant Giants San Diego priest. The giant team is equipped, and the whole line is in the hands of the whole staff.Data highlightThe giant team first sent a pitcher Jeff, Sama, 8 games, lost 2 points, 6 times, Zhen Zhen got the victory. WORD, Taylor-Oskin 1, 2 points, Kevin Pilar 3 points. Batht – Port, Evan – Rangelia and Osts – Srit each played 2 安 安 2 points.The priest team first sent a pitcher Logan – Allen 4 games lost 6 points to send 3 three-vital swallow.Game processThe first game, the two teams have a player. The second game, two first pitters sent three three. In the third bureau, Logan Allen was played out, and three consecutive three-vibration resolved the next three players to spend this half. In the second half of the third bureau, Manuel Mogot was sent to the base and completed the pirate. In the fourth game, Taylor Austin selected to keep the base and rolled through the earth from Basto-Po. Evan – Langria’s second base is played back, 1-0. The Strett’s Stretch of Streg will send Rangelia to the home base, 2-0.In the first half of the fifth game, Jeff Sama and Dolo Wan – Solano played in the place of play, Brandon Belt selected the four-bad ball to save the formation. Taylor-Osding’s second base is played back to two points, 4-0. Batht – Puertoire is also playing the second base to play, 6-0. Phil Madton is in the first ground to the first pitcher Logan – Allen, and successfully solve the next half of the game. The second half of the fifth situation, Jeff Sama completed three three.In the upper half of the sixth game, Joe-Panick played a hit, and relied on the sacrifice of Jeff Samaa to the second base. Brandon-Belt played a hit to return to Palchick, 7-0. In the second half of the sixth bureau, Xiaofer South-Tatis played the three bases, Manni Matchao played a high flying sacrifice, 7-1. The seventh game, Evan-Langria and Osts, Srt, each played the Yangchun, 9-1. In the second half of the seventh place, Francisco-Mergia played a hit, and relying on the teammates to the earthquarters. Johi – Nahler’s second base is home to Meishia, 9-2.In the first half of the eighth game, Danno – Solano played the second base to beat, and rely on the strikes of teammates and the explosion of the opponent, 10-2. Batht – Poi played a hit, Evan-Langria tentabed the ball, Kevin Pilar played three-component gun, 13-2. In the first half of the ninth game, the pricers were completed in three three. The second half of the ninth bureau, the priest team could not decrease, and the final giant 13-2 defeat the priest.Both sidesSan Francisco Giant Team:First stick: guerrilla Danowan – SoranoSecond Bar: Bright Brandon – BeltThird 棒: Left outer wilder Taylor – OsdingFourth stick: Catcher Basto – PortThe fifth rod: three bases Evan – LangriaSixth stick: Chinese and foreign wilder Kevin PilarSeventh: Right wilder Hand Ostdom – SrestEighth rod: two bases Joe – PanickNinth, pitcher Jeff SamaFirst Pointer: Jeff SamaaSan Diego priest team:First stick: guerrillas small Fernando – TatisSecond Bar: Based on Eric HosmoThird Bottom: Tablet Mann MadoxFourth stick: left outer wilder HuncherFifth good: Right outside wilder Franmill-RaysSixth: Catcher Francisco – MeishiaSeventh: Two bases Ian – KingslerEighth rod: Pitcher Logan – AllenNinth Bat: Sino-Different

Wilderman Manuel – Margot

First Pointer: Logan – Allen

Next look

Tomorrow’s two teams will conduct a second game of the series, from Taylor-Bud (1 won 3 negative, self-sharing 6.45, 39 times) against the array of Hamat – Straham (3 wins and 6 losses, self-blame The fraction is 4.94, 71 times.

Taylor-Bad lasts last time to the slammed snake, 5.1. The first first year of this season is a bullivian, and at that time, 4.2 bureau lost 4 points.

After Matt-Strim suffered a few weeks of downturn, it was a lot of luck, but still showed 4 points, and sent 9 three-vibration. His self-blame in recent month has risen at least 1.50.