Gaoff gagard crushed questioned that the Saint was killed in the home of the season for two consecutive years.

Los Angeles Ranker wants to go to the super bowl! With the overturget, play the ball, the Rhein 57 code, the ram 26-23 defeats the saints and enters the super bowl. This team in 2016 is one of the worst teams in Jeff-Fisher, but the two season rams have got 24 wins in the two seasons of Mike Wei. Now, 32-year-old McDe will become the youngest coach in the history of superbals. For the Saint Sacred New Orleans, they have lost their playoffs at home in the history of the home, and have been killed in two consecutive years. The hearts of the new Orleans are broken.

Wonderful review

After the saints opened, they were calm, and they hit the free kicks and near-end templanca. The second question is gradually recovering, with Todd Galley’s rush to recover 10 points, the first half of the two sides, the saints 13-10 ram. Enter the second half, the ram defensive group has only released 10 points, and the Saint team is completely reached by Bris and Tasham-Hill, and the ram is through Gaoff Thaler-Higbida. In the game left in the game, the 48 yards of Zur Rhenestall allocated scores, the two teams warned to the time. The overtime of the season is in the scientific area, but Dru Bris is sent out of the personal overtime. The Zur Rhene will come forward again. If you face 57 yards, you will be able to do it. 26-23, ram completion Lore.

Jarid Gaoff Quiet Question

Even if the male routine season got 13 wins and 3 losses, the four-point guard gager in the selection of professional bowls was rarely praised. The head coach Mike Wei is a recognized offensive genius, and the Journey to Todd Gherley and the defensive cuta-Donald is a regular game MVP candidate. Their rays cover Gaoff. At this point, Gao Fu proved its value.

Gaoff is performing well in critical moments, including the key to the first half, find Brandin Cook, the fourth quarter three-stop cable Gerard Efret directly continues the team to equalize the score Attack. Although the first section encounters 0-13 backward, the huge noise of the New Orleans Super Dome Stadium allows the players to hear the tactical slogans, but they can stand against the pressure, which is the cruis that the reles can reverse. At the stage like the National Federation, this third-grade four-point guard in 40 passers in the first season of his career, throwing 297 yards, 1 to 1 to 1 copy, becoming the youngest quarterfare of the National Union champion .

Galley can still win the ball

Golley was injured in the regular season, but he still got 115 yards and 1 to 1 to 1 time when he was divided into the Dallas denim, and did not have his name in the last week’s injury. Before the Federation of Federation, Galley looked healthy. However, Galli in the competition only got 10 yards, 3 times aimed at him only once, and the remaining three times will be directly copied. In the second half, McDe gave up the use of Galley and turned to CJ-Anderson.

If the ram is losing, Grley has to face the media to answer the media in a whole tour. “When the team is most need for you, you have a stealth” problem, the 4-year 57.5 million US dollars in the season also Will give him a lot of pressure. Fortunately, Galley has got a chance to breathe. Two weeks later, Galley had the opportunity to prove herself on a larger stage, if he can retrieve the state in the super bowl, then no one cares about his performance.

Saint is actually dragged behind the leg

Destin is always amazing, remember last year’s “Minneapolis mismary”? The Saint team encountered all the two consecutive years of the playoffs. After the game, the players were very lonely. Some people were complaining about the referee. Some people did not send, this is the nearest time from the super bowl, but now all People’s face is full of lost. If you say that the pot that is lost last year, you can get rid of the defending group today, and today, there is no excuse to escape the responsibility today.

One of the main melodies of NFL in 2018 is to create history of attack tidal, and creative offensive coach and talented four-defense once again refresh the league scoreboard. The four teams that enter the championship and the highest score of the regular season have entered the top four. However, the Saint team defensive than the offense in the national contest. Bristed is great, but the offensive advance is very simple. It has been converted into a conversion of 2 times 5 times into the red area. On the other hand, the Saint-Defense has effectively delayed the second team of NFL attack in most of the game, and the pavement of the ram is close to the mute. Let it feel uncomfortable in your pocket. Before the competition today, they had seven of the previous nine oppresses to 20 points below 20. However, the homeland of Saints cut off the 37-point offensive fire, but only took 23 points today.

After the game, I was almost twezy. “We should not swallow the sufferings, we should win, if we finally reached the score, not only shooting …” Sean Pedon said: “I am proud of these guys. This is a great season. It is not easy to come out from the bad memories last year. They are very hard. We have the opportunity to play a super bowl, I am for them. Everyone is proud. “

The national conclusion has fallen into the curtain, there are too many regrets and controversies, and the score on the field is not changed. Does Drew Bris, who is 40 years old in the coming, we have to know in the field. Saints are bitter, and we also want to congratulate Los Angeles ram, this young team will appear in the super bowl with the most powerful attitude of the country, this is the fourth time in their history, the universe sheep can be What is the biggest stage in the NFL? We will wait and see.