From the restoration of the victim, the first 49 people who won the country, Galloolo did not change the initial prove

January 10 (Wen / ESPN NICK WAGONER Compilation / White) Early in early December, the 49th of San Francisco and the key battle of the New Orleans Saints left, 49 people behind.

Siji Garo-Garmmy Garoppolo called everyone together, watching the eyes of teammates, facing Mercedes-Benz Super Dome Stadium, the deafening audience noise, he raises the volume and conveys a simple Signal.

“Let’s win the game!”

This season, the competition for the nation’s head number has not been stopped at a moment, and this game is undoubtedly the top priority as the two head-name compensants.

Gallopolo played the best game since the self-injury, and the representative of his career, and it is even more impossible to the team. After coming with Saints, Gulu Brisca has been a whole game, Gallobo realized that it is now a hammer sound.

In the face of the life and death of the four-speed 2 yards, Gallopolo raise hand from George Kittle to the George Kittle, and Kittel holds the 42 yards to help 49 people get one. Any ball is killed, and the defeat is wins.

“His way he is working in the tension, I think no one is better than him.”

49 people attacked Mike McGlinchey said: “He is simply cool, because he will unite when all people are nervous, we win. We won, we are full of confidence in him.”

Since the middle of the 2017 season, since the New England Patriots traded to San Francisco, Gallopolo has experienced a lot of things: the last 49 people who are hard to seek a winning season, the restoration season is reimbursed, now growing up to win everyone trust Commander.

We separately, at the end of 2017, Galloolo led 49 people to achieve five consecutive victories, which helped him get a record-in-law after the end of the season, becoming the highest income of football players.

For a four-point guard, a total of a total of seven games in the top seven games before a career, it is also a matter of course. But bad is, enter the 2018 season, Galloolo reimbursed in the third week of ligament torn season.

This serious injury reduced people’s expectations for that season. After recently got a few newly-volley-free seasons, people became lower than their prospects. During the preseason, Galloolo threw 5 times in the training camp and gave 0 points of passage score in a game of debut.

However, after the start of the season, Galloolo did not retreat. Because of the good at listening to others, he won the trust and respect of the head coach Kyle Salunhanhan, and the director reversed when the team was behind.

Gallopolo knows how to get along with everyone in the team, and refused to be bundled in the adversity, these qualities have helped him win the trust of teammates, let alone he bought Jordam shoes for teammates.

Although trust has been won, Galloolo still discovered that he was in the controversial center. But as he is about to usher in the first playoff, there is a chance to disseminate all of his doubts about him.

But not all people doubt Galloolo, Los Angeles Ramctor Shawn Mac Wei will not: “He is winning a little, he knows what you want.

I remember that I have a surrounding night game against Arizona, and his calm and superb player left a deep impression, his attack is very imagination. “

Nowadays, 49 people have one of the best four-point guards, taking into account those legendary quarters that have produced in the team history, which is undoubtedly a big title.

This season, Gallopolo 476 passed 329 promoted 3978 yards, an average of 8.36 yards per shot, 69.1% of the passing ball, completed 27 times, and 13 cases, pass the ball score is 102 points. His single-season password number ranking team history is fourth, the history of the mid rate ranking team in the single season season.

In addition to laying in the historical position of 49 people, the Galloolo Ben Rules Rules ranked NFL Eighth, the pass success rate ranked fifth, the average shot passed the number of passes in the third, the number of times the number five.

Although his 13th copy of the Cascade is 23, he only throws 3 copying 3 times in the last six games. The data of Galloolo is impressive, but his most distinctive purpose is to adjust the incorrect ability.

According to statistics, Gallopolo is thrown out of the copy, the next attack is 39 (hit rate 92.3), and the 429 yard is promoted to obtain 2 Dalga, and the pass is 129.6 points. He also wins four times in the fourth section, ranked third in NFL,

Gallopolo is getting more and more brave, because he understands the attack. Teammates revealed that when Galloolo was injured in the knees in 2018, he was even in the early morning to conduct rehabilitation training or a video recording.

Gallopolo has been with the father of Salunhan, before the NFL head coach Mike Salunan, has a deeper understanding of the system. This season, Kyle Salunhan put Gallopolo’s theoretical knowledge into actual combat.

As for the Knee of Galloolo, he may still have some uncomfortable at the beginning of the season, but over time, Galloolo has passed the ball to 107.6 points, and the ranking is fourth.

I still remember that when Sannehan and Matt-Lan were partner in Atlantian Fematch, Ryan was also struggling in the first season, but the second season became the most valuable player. Gallobolborn Relien has more injuries to miss more games, but he retrieves the status at the right time.

Salunam said: “So far, although it will fall, the state of Jimmy has been steadily rising, and now he is more competent than the beginning of the year.”