ESPN’s latest power list: Warrior Sun Net is still before 3, and the quilry is 4th, the Lake people fall to the 18th!

Beijing time November 29, 2021-22 season NBA regular competition fierce battle. As of today, the new season NBA regular season has been carried out for about 40 days. The famous media ESPN announced the latest team strength ranking, among which the Warriors, the Suns, and the Nets are still ranking the top 3, the defending champion Bucks rose to the fourth, the Lakers ranked 18th.

The top 10 in this issue is in turn (in parentheses for the previous period):

1. Warrior (1) 2. Sun Team (2) 3. Nets (3) 4. Bucks (9) 5. Heat (6)

6. Jazz (5) 7. Bulls (4) 8. Wizards (7) 9. Single Vendor Team (10) 10. Hornets (13),

Rank 11 – 20th team is:

11. Quick ship, 12.76 people, 13. Eagle, 14. Knicks, 15. Trail team

16. Nuggets, 18. Lakers, 19. Forest Wolves, 20. Cavaliers

Rank 21-30th team is:

21. Grizzlies, 22. Pacers, 23. Raptors, 24. Kings, 25. Thunder,

26. Spurs, 27. Pistons, 28. 队, 29. Magic, 30. Rockets.

The Warriors have excellent records in the near future. They have defeated the 76 people, the Trail team and the Clippers in the past week, and they are at least 15 points. At present, the Warriors are experiencing a wave of 7 consecutive victories, and their record is 18 wins and 2 negative rankings. The team
is currently ranked first in the ranking of 28.6 points in the star library. His total three-pointers and the midpends are also the top of the League list.

The Sun team did not taste the victim in the past week, and they defeated the Spurs, the Knights, the Knicks and the Net Network in the past week. So far, they have achieved 16 consecutive victories. This is not only the longest winning record of the NBA this season, but also the second Changsheng Sheng Sheng record of the Yangshi history. At present, there are 17 wins and 3 negative rankings of the League of 17 wins.

The Nets have achieved 2 wins and 1 losses in the past week, and the game lost to the Sun team is very close to them. However, the Net Network is still ranking 1st, and their record is 14 wins and 6 losses. Haden’s recent play is not very ideal. In the game lost to the Sun team, Harden is only 15 in 15. At present, the number of games in Harden is 5, and the ranking is the first place.

The Heat has achieved 2 wins and 1 loss last week, and they defeated the Pistons and Bulls in the road, but they had a defeated in the Wolf team. In the second dispute between the Eastern part of the Bulls, the Heat 3 is hidden, and there is a certain increase in the momentum of the team. At present, the heat of the heat is 13 wins and 7 losses, ranking 2nd in the east.

As a defending champion, the Bucks have recently been in the rain, and they have gone rid of the injury crisis in the beginning of the competition. In the past week, the Bucks defeated the magic team, the piston team, the Nuggets and the Pacers. At present, they have achieved a wave of 7 consecutive victories. The record turned 13 wins and 8 losses. Rankings returned to the east 4.

The fastess team only won only 1 win last week, and they have lost their Salers and Warriors and only got a victory on the Pistons. At present, the race of the fastess team is 11 wins and 9 losses, ranking 5th in the western part.

The lake team has recently played very unstable. They first lost to the Nicks team in the past week, then defeat the Pedestrian team, and then through three overtime games, they were completed at home today to complete the piston team. At present, the Lakers’ score is only 11 wins and 11 losses, ranking 8th in the west.

The Rockets got rid of the decline last week, and they defeated the Bulls ended the longest 15 losing streaks of the League of the Season. Then the Rockets defeated the Hornets in the home court. At present, the results of the Rockets becomes 3 wins and 16 negative, and the countdown of the League is the first.