Ernande is rumored to contribute to the fierce reward, the battle of the battle, the giant, get the opening of the door.

On July 24th, Beijing time, the MLB amendment is in the opening day, the second game, Los Angeles Daoqi ushered in and the four consecutive battles of the San Francisco giant. Dodge has got a partition champion in the past seventh season, but it has never been able to get the world contest champion. The giant ushered in the new coach Cape, and the team also opened the way of rebuilding. The third game Sandoval took the lead in helping the giants to lead, then Ernan Des slammed the score in the fourth game, the seventh place, Qi Qi line broke out, continuously attachment of the joint attack 5 points completed reversal, the eighth game Ernand The two-pointer locks the victory, and finally the game was 8-1 in the game to win the new season.

[Data Highlight]

Giant Yastezki, Dickson, Herneman Single Field 2 is playing, the whole team has someone who has a total of 6 players, there is 12 restrictions in the audience, first pitcher Kweo 4 games 3 times Throw 1 point.

Dodge Ernand Single 4 played 5 hits, the first home running of the Dodge season Knocking 7 安 打 一 一 一 一.

[Competition process]

The mistake of the first game opened, let the opponent’s first battaline, after which it rely on Dickson’s security giants to capture 1, 2, but unfortunately, Pens can’t help the team, the first bureau is invested Three three.

The second game, the first game, first pitched Mei, also returned a half-bureau, the second bureau, the second bureau is reported by the tentarelette, but unfortunately, the double kill of Sig makes the team to return.

On the third bureau, the giant’s three consecutive, one-stand-alone, and Sandoval’s high-flying sacrifice assigned the team to lead the team, but Dickson and Pens did not seize the opportunity to expand the score. After the third game, the two out of the game, Mangxi knocked out the second base, Bates did not send him back home.

On the fourth place on the fourth bureau, the fourth game, after the fourth game, the Sigs knocked out the second base, and Ernan Dessen.

The fifth game Shang Heneman and Astriembski are stringing on the 1st, 3rd bases. In the case of an outward, I will replace the plum with Ferguson. As a result, Sandovall will make Sang Davar to spend the crisis. . The fifth bureau is replaced by Smie, and the other party’s gaze and Bayin Jiewe will make a distant to attack, but it is a pity that Turner and Sig have not grasp the opportunity.

The sixth bureau has been replaced with the post-aid pitcher Baize, 14 goals, let the giant beat three three, the sixth bureau, Pooko knocked out, unfortunately, the teammate did not form series.

The seventh place has grateful with Bayz and Cora Reed to let the giants have been left three in three. The seventh place of the next Bates and Berlinjan’s sanctuary captured 2, 3rd, and Turner’s Wild Rolling Earth Help the team returned to the ultra-fifth, 2, three bases in the two bureaus, El South Dess is hitting a timely manner, and the Dodge has a lead in 4 to 1. Since then, the Taoism relies on the unstable hand-held ball.

The eighth game, Shang Kerak, also picked up in the field and easily solved the top three batteries of each other. After the eighth game, after the next game, Tener was knocked out of the second base, and then Ernande continued his hot hand and slammed the winning team.

On the Ninth Council, Dickson knocked out, but Dodge aid pitcher Garatolol made the next stick Penz knocked out the double kill and changed the three-three-stroke of the game.

[Two sides starting]


First stick Chinese and foreign wilder Mike – Astriemski

Second stick, Wilmer, Florez

Third stick, Papho-Sandoval

The fourth stick left outer wilder Alex – Dickson

Fifth rod designated to blow Hunter Pens

Sixth rod right wilder Joe-McCarti

Seventh stick two bases, Mauli, Du Ben

Eighth Bar Guards Brandon – Crawford

Ninth Bar Catcher Taylor https://www.mlbtrojerse.comHerneman

First pitcher: Johnny Kweo


First stick, Mado, Magashi

Second stick right outside wilder Muqi-Bates

Third stick Chinese and foreign wilder Cody – Beilinjie

Fourth https://www.trikotskaufenn.comstick, three base, Justine-Ten

Fifth Bar Guardi – Sig

Sixth Bar Two Based, Ernand

Seventh stick left outer wilder Joeng – Peterson

Eighth rod designated strike AJ-Poolock

Ninth stick arrested Osding – Barnes

First Pointer: Dastin Mei

[Next prospect]

The second game of the two series will continue to
do in the Dodge Stadium, Dodge will send Rose-Strin first, last season of his 32 games in 15 games, 4 wins, 4 losses, self-sharing rate 3.47, he will Replacing David Ples’s first round value position, the giant has not announced the first pitcher.