Double kill! Yauchi has a reply 24 + 15 + 7! Two brothers god war, JB actually? Beijing time November 30

After reading the Lakers Pistons yesterday

Today is another grievance

The second battle of Nuggets and Heat!

What happened before the two teams did you know?

Don’t move

Baller knows that fans can’t wait

Want to see this WWE war

But I am afraid everyone disappoints!

The hot fire announced that Hiro didn’t play, it is not playing.

Butler will not play because the back injury!

Less Tayro even

Butler is not awkward?

The fans ridiculed last time, but you will come over (dog head)

JB may really hurt

Everyone is ready to be prepared.

I have come to the home of the hot.

Just next to the front row close to the nignutique

Although the “enthusiasm” of the home fans

But the two brothers are still very calm.

That is, this side of Baller is a bit https://www.maillotbasket6.companicked through the screen.

More disappointing

I thought this will play very well.

I didn’t expect that the heat is directly pressed on the ground.

The audience has always maintained two-digit leadership

Baller really feels nothing

Think about it is normal

After all, JB and Taylor have not played.

End Nuggets 120-111 overcome heat

Still the teacher compares the face

Previously because of the right wrist sprain

Yaki also lacks four games in succession

But today two brothers come

Coupled with the teacher also want to prove yourself

So I choose to come out today!

Re-out of the teacher is extremely good

Continue to play the level of MVP

The audience debut 32 points 35 seconds

14 shots 9 in three points 2 in 1 free throw 6 in 5

Cut 24 points 15 rebounds 7 assists 1 steal

And only one turnover

Leading the team to end the six-game losing streak!

This is the real thigh.

After the game, the teacher spoke:

“It should have lost six defeat before.

Today, we can full

We share the ball very good

This is the best way we play.

Keep the ball to run without blindly

We can get an advantage. “

Some teachers are different

In addition to score, you can also connect the team

Today, I have a total of 7 people to score.

Gordon has not entered the state in the first half of 2

Released by free throws

The second half is closed 9 shots 6 get 16 points

Get 20 points 4 rebounds 5 assists in the whole game

The positive and negative value +18 is the highest!

This hairstyle is very unique, iron juice

5 assists in Gordon

I also set up a new personal season.

Previous record is 4 assists

(October 21, 2021 against the sun)

Look at other people’s data

Daughter-writer Green 12 points 3 boards

Barton 14 points 5 plates 4 help, Hailan 19 points 3 help

Paszu 10 points 5 help, Monte-Morris 11 points 4 board 6 help

Rivers 7 points 2 boards, Naji 3 points 1 board


It can only be supported by Adebay and Lorery.

Today’s hot bus is also trying to

35 minutes 19

Got 24 points and 13 rebounds 6 assists

The inside line has a teacher, it is really bitter.

Thermal can only be scored in the middle

The first half performance is not good

Fortunately, the second half broke out.

Lori can only say stability


36 points 01 second shooting 9 in 5

Three points 5 in 2 free throws 6 5

Get 17 points 2 rebound 14 assists

The most pull is Dunlo.

Duncan – Robinson hand sense

His game is playing 29 minutes

9 shots 1 get 3 points 2 rebounds 3 assists

9 times a three-point

The positive negative value is as low as -14!

No suspense is not exciting

Plus two brothers have not made a good time.

A lot of hot fans also look for your brothers.

Two brothers are also very cooperative

Who says they are not good?

People are coming to see a ball.

It seems that we think more.

Not counting this game

This season is 31.9 minutes in the regular season of this season.

Can get 26.4 points 13.6 rebound 6.4 Assistance 1.2 steal 1 cap

These periods of the MVP list also have the name of the teacher.

Everyone thinks that the teacher will continue to get the award this year?

Nuggets now have a problem now

According to the name of WOJ in the morning

Nuggets will accept lower surgery

It is expected that there is no life!

Burto is signed with the team this year.

A five-year $ 172 million in ahead of the contract!

He only played 9 games this season.

The average contribution of 9.9 points 6.6 rebounds and 1.9 assists

difficult! It’s too difficult.