Don’t choose from donerate don’t matter? Rogers still have confidence in packages

May 19th (Wen / ESPN Rob Demovsky Compilation / Draskar) Due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the NFL’s break is connected online, so the four-point guard of Green Bay packaging is Aaron Rodgers. I have not seen my teammates on the spot. In this case, Rogers have also encountered in the 2011 break period, and due to labor disputes, the 2011 break is also in a stopped state.

After the resolution of labor disputes, the performance of the package is as good as it works. Some people think that the team did not participate in the training camp dominated by the player. The state may decline, and Luogers led the team to achieve 15 wins and 1 negative achievements in the regular season, and kill the season in the first achievement. Facman.

Now that the condition is better now, you can communicate online.

Last Zheges received an interview with a conference call: “We have performed very good in 2011. Now we have prepared from the Zoom’s video conference. No matter when the competition starts, I believe everyone is ready to prepare. However, for the team’s young players, especially those who want to play the game, they still need to work hard to learn the team’s tactics. “

What he refers to is an external connection. The first two years of Rogers publicly expressed dissatisfaction on the team’s young outer hand on the training camp. In the eyes of the outside world, he is not low for young external connections.

Even if the package is getting 13 wins and 3 negative achievements last season, the outside world has always believed that the hard strength of the package worker did not reach this height. The second seed of the last season has a large extent to a large extent. The weak external connector in the team’s position is not considered in the package in the draft of the “outer junior year”. Signing the old Devin Vonchess when the free market is in the free market. He last season because the clavicle fracture has only played half a ball.

Rogers received an interview with the first round of the package, the first round of the package is not a cold, but he is mainly because of the team’s general manager Brian Gutekunst. Not cool, and the non-team does not reinforce this position.

“I am very satisfied with the team’s current situation. Obviously, we have achieved a lot of achievements last season. We have been a lot of new players last year, and also changed a rookie coach. The whole tactical system is also new. We all grinded very well. Everyone saw that we won a lot of ball last season, we all won the game between Jozhong. Our team is now very good. For me, no matter whether it is a rookie or In the second grade of the second grade, we all hope that they can break through and play a more important role in the team. “

“Of course, the person in some positions will change, but I like Brian’s operation. I hope the team will be able to rush back. Everyone can work together and strive to reproduce glory in the new season.”

Although the outside world believes that Rogers have more harsh humans, he I don’t praise the words they don’t praise. In addition to the king of Davante Adams, Allen Lazard was a drop show, and there was no big list before the start of the season. At the end of the season, he is already a team of the team.

“The final stage of the season, Razad has repeatedly a key performance at the critical moment. He is a famous teammate, and it is constantly improving. I really like his usual training attitude, he has helped us many times.”

After saying Razad, Rogers one one fine in the team’s team: from the previous season, the Equanimeus St. Brown reimbursed from the ankle injury season. Marquez Valdes-Scantling, as well as Jake Kumerow and Feng Tes.

The team’s foreign country may have a black horse: the team signed the front CFL young player Leiji-Begelton in January.

Packaging worker teaches Matt-Raverlell to Bergelton’s future quite optimistic: “He can really be a black horse. We can pick it up. He is very good, we have made many tests to him, his performance is a famous list. His game has left a deep impression, looking forward to how he can play in the field. “

I originally discussed the team’s tactical system. Since the Federation of the Federation of the Federation of the Federation, the two and the general manager Gutefuster have repeatedly mentioned that the offensive system of Raverle must be further grinded.

Sudden epidemic will never be observed in the preparedness rhythm of the package.

Raverle currently held a variety of conferences through Zoom, not only in Rogers, as well as the team’s offensive coordinator Neviel Hact, Passing Coordinator Luke – Gaqi can conduct one-on-one exchange . “We will fully consider Rogers’s opinions and his role in the tactical system. We hope that he can play it in the tactical system.”