Domestic Zion Li Hong Qi joined NBL Phoenix, Zhou Qi, Li Hongquan, Can Liu Chuanxing entered NBA?

Basketball dreams need to be down-to-earth

Liu Chuxing and his nba, it is better to stand in the NBL station, in the bullet team, Liu Chunxing is not a starter, as a large son, he is just a team’s substitute center, this point with the Phoenix, Zhou Qi naturally there is no way to compare of.

However, the first 9 minutes 5 points 5 rebounds in two games, the second 13 minutes 8 points 6 rebounds 1 Assistant 1 cap data indicates that he is also adapted to the competition, the main coach is gradually trusting him.

I have been fighting in China, I really don’t have the opportunity to come into contact with this high-speed strong confrontation, Liu Chuanxing has an overseas training. It has appeared in her own career peak. At least in the daughter team is his chance.

Compared to excellent defender, the world basketball lacks excellent big players, so Liu Chuanxing is not necessarily a chance to achieve NBA basketball dreams, just to conquer the NBL League.

Can Zhou Qi returned to NBA to see a water dispenser?

In the NBL three preseason, Zhou Qifang can get 12.3 points 9.7 2.3 caps, and the inner-line attack and defense core in the Phoenix team, Zhou Qi has won the trust of the main coach.

When he was attacked by other opponents on the court, teammates will also stand out to protect him. It is also very friendly between the teammates, and it can be said that Zhou Qi has achieved initial success overseas.

On the regular season opened in NBL12, Zhou Qi’s photos also appeared on the publicity poster. NBL took this opportunity to open the Chinese market. Zhou Qi has further re-returned NBA with the help of the overseas platform. It is also possible. May achieve a mutual win-win situation.

According to the famous Shuqun, the NBA team has been observed and exposed to Zhou Qi, which has a good thing for Zhou Qi and the Chinese basketball. At present, the stars in the country will also have this talent.

If Zhou Qi can evolve the offensive means of the 4th and five-five-five-five-five-level attacks, I believe that he has not been known. Even if you enter the NBA, even the water dispenser garbage time is also a chance, it is exactly his own mentality, hard work, and desperate more than before Harnen with his competition seats more talent into the rotation.

Can China editions enter NBA?

Australian NBL Southeastern Melbourne Phoenix team seems to have found a new wealth password, and they signed the Shanghai team newcomers after signing Zhou Qi.

Li Hongshun’s born in Canada has been screaming in the physical quality. Height, 104.5 kilograms of weight, the weight of 104.5 kg, has been working on the court, and his template in CBA is Li Gen, but his shooting is worse. He is also a member of my country’s U19 national team.

In the very popular variety show “This is the dunk”, it is well known in the domestic fans. His position in the variety is the body’s strength, poor projecting, and the tactical understanding is not in place. In the real play, Li Hongli is playing in Canada. The name, he played in the Jihai University, and the school produced three NBA players. The most successful thing is that CJ · McCalem, one of the two guns, while the Dihai University is small. The Division did not have the qualifications of the NCAA competition, and only the champion of the residential area can participate in the mad mid.

In the competition of NCAA crazy March seats, Li Hongli contributed 4 minutes to 2.1 plates in the event of 12.1 minutes, in the competition championship in the competition championship, and he was brought to only war because of two mistakes. 10 minutes later, after the end of the big life, Li Hongli decided to join the CBA Shanghai team. In summary, the play of the overseas game has proved that Li Hongquan’s school and ourselves are the same level below the same level.

If you continue to get through the NBA after playing in the Jihai University, Li Hongli has to play the level of McCalem, so choose to enter the NBL experience, and then find the opportunity to enter the NBA is also a good plan, but this hope is still a bit embarrassing And the benefits of Zhou Qi Tongqi can have a good big brother with the shortcomings of their own play, and the strength of the advantages is also a good thing.

Regardless of the player will not succeed, it will go, as long as the country is going to exercise, it is a good thing. As a fan, it is hoped to see that domestic players continue to improve.