Do not understand? 30-year-old all-star, 31 years old, no ball, hit, the whole team 2, still abandoned

I apologize to Jordan, I sent the peak of Kemba – Walker, which was the most sensible operation in recent years.

Jordan’s draft, just like O’Neill’s free throw, in 2019, he only took the draft of the show, it was the 9th sign in 2011. Walker.

In 8 years, Walker writes his name, writes into various team history records and list, and be the first to select all the stars, and the start of the star, but the “team soul” level The characters, but even a decent high-paying, and finally, he was sold by the team, just in exchange for a Rozier, plus one time, a moment, Joe’s father was sprayed Hot search, but now, the apology seems to be a fan.

First look at Roce, after coming to the wasp, his performance is not inferior, near 20 + 5 + 5, the hit rate is 45% + 40%, as the core of the transition, is complete enough, this season With the gradual growth of Ball, Rosha also handed over the ball and began to focus on score;

After watching Walker, after leaving the wasp, his career has turned sharply, although it is also selected in 2020, it can be wounded and transferred after the Nicks, Walker’s day is not as good as one day, not only throwing off the first, but also told It is also means that only 31 years old Walker will be a long time in the future.

Why is Walker that is so hit in just 2 years?

Before discussing this problem, we have to figure out where Walker’s advantages and disadvantages are.

Advantages: Being good at using a poor engagement and organization, there is a relatively reliable three-point production and efficiency;

Disadvantages: short, defense, with continuous score, but not efficient;

Injury: Walker’s left knee is an old injury, and it has been moving over 7 years. After 3 years, there is no interruption treatment, which may affect his explosive power and speed;

In the league, there is a lot of defenders from 1.83 meters, such as Paul, Lilad, Lori, etc., you can have a common point, or someone is very strong, such as Lilad, his projection, Especially far three points, and even higher with Curi; no special obvious short board, such as Lori, score + organization + defense, all over the average level.

And Walker, the attack is not as good as the rhinocell, the organization is not as good as Paul, the defense is less than half of Lori, although the “bee king” can be led, the wasp is 8 years, Jordan, Jordan Very clear, if the team will be built around Walker, then they will only get more and more far from
the playoffs, because Walker doesn’t have the ability, the highest-hit season, but only 57%, fight Take a whole effort to cut 30 points, and you can lose 32 points.

This is why he will be hidden by Knicks, and the data is not considered.

The field was 24.4 minutes, shot 9.8 times, can exchange 11.7 points, 2.6 rebounds, 3.1-assisted returns, three-point hit rate of 41.3%, production volume, is the second stable outer line of the team (integrated production + efficient);

Defensive end, Walker is completely a cash machine, per 100 rounds can be lost 116.3 points, ranking 5 in total alliance, net efficiency -13.3, is also one of the 20 people in the Alliance, 441 playing in Walker In minutes, Knicks accumulated 122 points in a total of more than 50% of the players in all team winners, ranked first.

When he is the core, the radiance of the offensive end will cover a defense, but with the increase of age, after the injury, Walker’s offensive efficiency has not covered the defensive vulnerability, he can’t use the speed and unloading of the opponent line, also It is unable to make killing in the basket, the only value of the existence is three-pointers, but in the current Knicks lineup, the lack of three points, their three-point production and efficiency, all the alliances 10.

Of course, Walker also does not have to be discouraged, with his ability, to do a sixth person, or
more than enough.