Congratulations! Pooler Single 7 in 6 cuts 16 points, the best helper in Curry, leading the sun

Beijing time December 1st, the NBA regular season warrior pair the sun, this is the first match for the League record, the sun is in the record of 16 consecutive victories, strong violations, the Winkins game is not suitable But it is still the beginning of the start, and the two sides of the opening are very fierce.

The first ball of the first quarter, Claude three points, and then the warrior attack, Green Miao Yuri score, Entati returned to the penalty area, I won the 4-point response, Vilinscus continued twice In the middle of the hand, Buck broke through the same. Then Roysiglin scored successively, Bick held the ball in the rear of the trees, score, score 6 to 6. Rooney is built in the banned district. Entton’s low single hand-made hooks, critical moments, Pocette 5 points, Curry converts three points, and the two sides hit 15 flat.

In the last 6 minutes of the first quarter, Erto took the two frontcourts, Paul took the opportunity three-point hit, and stopped the warrior directly, score 18-15. After the suspension, Paul helped Krace three-pointer, and Curry came
to the rest time at this time. The sun continues to continuing the internal line advantage, EION is in the restricted area of ??anti-injury penalty 2, the Curry is not in, the vikinspur took over the offensive rights, and Poole immediately hit, and the warrior set up the joint defense, and the Pohro broke through the three points, one The wave is 8 points, so that the Warriors will be scored into 25-22, anti-ultra-score, and Pohr.

The last 3 minutes of the first quarter, the sun pauses back Cameron Johnson three points, Puro continues the hot shooting, and a three-pointer, the warrior continues to lead. At the crucial moment, Pelton is divided into sun hemostasis. The vikins quickly steals the response, and McGi is the same as the main branch of the home. The Warrior is three points that has been completely opened. Potter can play three points, McGi basket The next residue is on fire. The last round of the first section, Potter shot, finally finished, the Warriors 35-31 lead.

The attack firepower in the first quarter of the Warriors is horrible. The whole team is three minutes, 6 goals in the hit, and the three-year-old firepower is enough to reflect the excellent of the warriors. It is undoubtedly the most worthy of praise, in the case of the Curre, Boer playing excellent offensive performance, only one time in shooting 7, including 5 in three points, direct single-section cutting The next 16 points 1 rebound, and Poor has once again outbreak. Poole’s outbreak will be the challenge of the sun. Once there are other score points outside Kuri, the solar line will encounter severe test.