Coaching Lake people pressure! US media exposure coach is more concerned about Wo Shuai prospects: pointing out two reasons

Beijing time on November 27, according to the report of the US media “NBA Central”, in the coach https://www.nbatrikots4.comcircle, there are more and more concerns about the Lakers’ main coaches.

There is no doubt that the Lakers will be difficult to open this season. In the past 20 games, they only took 10 wins and 10 negative records in the west seventh.

The team slow heat is also made to the fans to have doubts about the Shuai’s handshal position. Of course, there is a questioning that is not only a fan, and the inner people are also seen.

Records Mark Stan, who recently wrote in an article. The pressure of tolerance. “In other words, the slow-heat opening and the leading command is two main reasons for this

As the first season of the Lakers’ main coach, Walle has achieved huge success. He led the Lakers to win the NBA championship. However, the second season of Walgel coach is not smooth. The injury ruined the team’s 2020-21 season, led to a disappointing regular season and playoffs. This is a very frustrating year for the Lakers.

The rest period, the Lakers reorganize the lineup, the team has a very talent lineup, although the age is large, it is still seen as a popular. However, the Lakers are still a problem. For Walgel, if you want to pinch this team into a whole, turn on a wavelength and win, it is too difficult. And if the record is still unstable, he will not make people accidentally unexpectedly.