Chi Youjun contract is expected to have a total price of 46,600 in 4 years, 30 million

In this selection conference, the Chinese teenager who received attention was finally selected by the Los Angeles Rasquet of the Los Angeles League, which became the Los Angeles League team. An expert before the draft selection meeting believes that Chi Friendship will be selected in the first round, although lagging behind a round, but in the status of the team, Chi Frieces are still unaffected. However, many of the landscaping from the first round of skiing to the two-wheeled or even three rounds of players are still obvious; this loss is derived from itself, and on the other hand, it directly reflects the difference in income. . Emperor Jun as a second round of rookie, how many salary can he make?

According to the new rookie rules of the 2011 2010, Chi Friendou is selected in the second round of 61st, he can get a two-year rookie contract with a total value of about $ 4.66 million; including about 141 million Dollar sign. In the 2019 team’s total salary space, he actually only accounted for a salary space of $ 848,409; for the team’s overall, it is a small expenditure.

However, relatively, as the security guard, in the first round of the 27th step by the raids, Jonathan, Abraham, is more than what he earned. 4 years nearly 11.46 million US dollars more than Chi Friends, more than 6.3 million US dollars, is even four times that of Chiyou! This directly reflects the income difference between the first round show and the two-year show. And the champion selected by the Red Sections, Murra, as far as the highest income of all the new show, the total value of about $ 350.3 million in 4 years, the contracting of US $ 23.5 million makes it in a salary Lead all the rookie. The 49 people ‘s list is only less than Murret, and his contract is approximately $ 33.43 million, and the contract is approximately $ 22.33 million.

Even so, the rookie contract is also called “child labor contract” by many players. Because in 2010, in order to enable the rookie higher proportion to the alliance, control the contract dispute between the rookie and the team, the alliance strictly specifies the contract matching method of each of the signs of each round. Such a doctors have greatly reduced the phenomenon of rookie players and teams, but there are also some new show that can not be matched immediately. Last season’s regular game MVP and the best offensive player double-winner Patrick-Mahmemus is a 2017 new show player, although his manifestations in 2018 belong to the top level of the league, but in 2019, he can only get his rookie contract. The part of the $ 16.42 million. There is no doubt that he will definitely get a super contract with shoulder-Wilson after the end of the rookie contract, but this must also wait until his rookie contract is over.

Such “cabbage price” rookie contract stipulates that many teams have seen the opportunity to quickly turn over the low-cost contract with high energy rookies. Emperor Jun joined the ram team is an excellent example. In 2018, they used the four-dimensional Gaoff in the rookie contract, and the big hand introduced and renewed many star players, and finally opened into the super bowl. I believe that there will be many teams in the future. Will Chi Friendou enable the race to enjoy the “welfare” brought by the rookie contract in the next four years, need to be further judged through the game.