Chasing ambulance James and Stewart incident: this is not accident! But two games are not worth it.

On November 27th, Beijing time, according to the US media, Jinzhou Warriors stars talked about LeBron James and Piston Sturt’s event when they were recently interviewed.

Green commented: “It seems that James seems to be apologized in the situation of LeBron and Stewart, but despite this, but when other Detroit players participate in it. When the teammate runs Pull him, pull him from LeBron, I think they may make Stewart feel sad “.

“I personally, I don’t think this is an accident (James hit the face of Stewart), my current focus is my team, my teammates, I want to go back to play basketball.”

At the same time, Green also talked about the conflict with James in 5 years: “About 5 years ago, I have experienced an almost in James. At the time, I didn’t say LeBron kicked my ass, but he is indeed a kick. My “ass”, at the time, he led the Knight to achieve the turn of the 1-3 behind, which still made me very sad. “

In addition, Green once again talked about James and Stewart’s incident: “As a member of James, I think Stewart really should not do this, even if James hits your face, but you are wasted, but you are two This game, this is really not worth “.”

It is worth mentioning that in the previous game, James’s arm and Stewart’s arm were obviously twisted together, James hit the eye angle with the elbow with elbows when trying to get rid of the entangled arm, and then Stewart in the end , Obey the eyes of the eyes. At that time, James and Stewart were sent, while James was banned, and Stewart was banned.

However, Stevart is still angry when I have recently interviewed James is a “hypocrite”. Although, James said that he regretted his behavior, and insisted that he did not deliberately, even after the game, he would like to find Stewart’s phone and apologize.