Can Austria go out of the trough? European preliminaries F group preferences: Austria VS Scotland

European preliminaries, Austria face Scotland.

Austria’s performance in the game game is a big fell eyeglass. They are a guest Israel to defeat the scores of 2-5, and 60% of the game is empty, but it is completely suppressed, but because there are too many Unnecessary, rough offensive leads to the seize the opportunity, and the 9th shot of the game is 7 times, which can also reflect how loose from the Austrian defense line.

The Scottish player is finally a winning, but in the face of this level of Moldova, they only played a 1-0 score in the case of the main scene of the town. This performance is completely not good, combined with Scotland. The overall performance of time is that a biggest problem that they are currently exposed is that there is too little attack tact. In addition to the side of McGal, Christie, Daxi et al., There is no effectively offensive means.

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Although Austria’s ranking is still not as good as Scotland in the group, the lineup of the two teams, Austria is clearly stronger than Scotland, which can be seen when the two teams are in the first phase of the two teams. Austria can be seen in the road and is In the case of poor state, it can easily press Scotland, and finally Scotland is still equal to the mining score with Mike Gold in the final Cheap Soccer Jersey stage, so in synthesis, I think the Austrian Austria is laughing at the end.

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