C Luo helplessly carry heavy pot, Wu Lei is 533 days 0 goals, Neimar is crying bid, 2021

Wen, Nou Camp

C Luo back, the heavy pot, step by step forward (soundtrack snail and yellow ostrich), the man is in the eyes of some people, but in other fans, it is a stumbling block in front of Manchester United. Their point is that the Manchester United Wang Dynasty fake, if you really want to rebuild, please move off the portuguese stone, otherwise Man Lian will never return, otherwise the super-League sky will never change back.

The president is a hero or stone. This problem basically does not have an answer. There is a thousand Hamlet in the eyes, everyone’s preferences, cognition, understanding, and angle are not the same. It is natural to naturally not be the same. However, it is certain that it is certain that C Luo seems to go to the Buddha, and the president is too unlucky.

2021-2022 Sai Yingchao 13th round, Chelsea sitting in the Tamford Stadium, Great Works, Ji Nieho didn’t know whether to think about life or thinking about the Golden Globe Award, he used a deadly mistake to Manda to send a gift, once Solsk Yamu is a long-distance attack after the long-distance attack, and when everyone thinks that the balance of Victory will fall into the Red Devil, the president debut, is replaced by him is not someone else, is Sang Joh What is more interesting is that C Roton has been unveiled after three minutes, Chelsea is in the ball, and the score is rewritten to 1: 1.

Such a script allows the president to explain, it is really a must, it is no wonder that the president has rushed to the player channel, he has no mood and the opponent’s handshake. If I have not remembered, this is in the past two months, this is in the past two months, The president was the second time, whether it was a signal, it was unknown, it was certain that the crime was completely blamed on the president, which seems to be fair, from the data difficult to find that Manchester United can get a flat game is very fortunate. , The ball is 69%, Manchester United, 31%, then look at the number of shootings, 21 times in Chelsea, 3 times, such results, Mandice, is not satisfactory?

The RCDE Stadium, the Spanish fans are jealous, really unbelievable, their team faster after the Royal Madrid of La Liga, this night, once again, this time is the royal black society, the game with Spanish Previously, the Royal Society had only a loss, lost to Barcelona in August, and they ranked the second place in the La Liga League with 8 wins and 5 flat 1, second only to Real Madrid.

1-0, when the finalist sounded, when the score was fixed, when the Spanish of the Royal Society began to celebrate the victory, the interesting scene happened, and Yang Gli-Erela, who was able to win the winner, Erela, was ruthless and neglected. Chinese star Wu Lei rushed out to grabbed the mirror, Yang Gli-Erela, this name almost rarely mentioned, no one cares about him a few players, everyone is talking about Wu Lei, seems to be with Yang Gli-Egypt Compared with the goal of Leila, Wu Lei’s missed single knife is more worth mentioning.

In the 78th minute, Wu Lei replaced Putuo. After four minutes, God sent him a chance of chance, Detmas midfielded, and the ball rolled quickly, the goalkeeper is also very fast, only Wu Lei is not fast enough, I have to admit that this ball is indeed a door to learn, and it is slightly unpaired. After Wu Lei missed the opportunity, the lens captured Dithmas and the coach seat at the scene. Demas used the arms of the unfolded arms. The coach was written on the face.

After the game, the “Daily Sports Daily” of Spain gives the score of the two teams, and the minimum of the Liverpool dres audience is not someone else. It is the hopes of the whole village. Wu Lei. For Wu Lei’s 4 points, the reason why “Daily Sports” is given, the chance is missing. The impression is that Wu Lei has failed for more than five hundred days. This is indeed a big test for the Spanish coach. Is this people suitable for the game or suitable for care?

After Paris, Saint-Germain, 3-1 reversed Saint Etien, and the difference between them with the second Rayne has pulled 1Mbappe troeje2 points, Boan plus the first record of Saint Etien, and then no then, then Into the big Paris time, Madios Mei Di Dui, Di Mia is added, Messi completed the assists in hat, and those who ridiculed Messi did not assisted all day.

Messi, Nemar, Mbpe, Dimalia, Ramos, Madios, Gaoye, with Santa Etian game, other do not say, don’t use this skewer, Big Paris, 3: 1 This score is not normal for Big Paris. It should be a five-go to start. This score reflects the big Paris from the side. There are many problems that need to face and solve, how to maximize the power of each player. This is a big Paris needs to solve problems.

Of course, the big Paris, the big Paris is very easy from the perspective of strength, but from the perspective of survival, there are too many barbarians in this Aflifting, and you will have a bone break, the game is 45 minutes of Kolojikik side flying shighthambape, was separated by direct red card, why? Because the action is too fierce.

Note that this kind of fierce foul is not uncommon in the armic. The talented Ninag is the biggest victim of the fellowship. The data statistics are the most infringed players in the fellowship, with Saint Etian. The inner reasons have become a victim, although not the Mai Kong’s horses directly lead, but the left ankle is less than the 2021 to say goodbye.