Buy him to buy him! The lion "cabbage price" digs the front package worker mainly take over Alison

March 30 (Wen / ESPN Compilation / Love Bao) is the so-called, weakened the best way to weaken the opponent, may buy their players directly, and recently the Detroit Lion has completed such a wave. Operation, and the cost of pay is small. The organizational confirmed by the team, they have taken the first-year contract to take advantage of the package worker Jenonimo Allison.

A source confirmed Espn that Alison’s contract was an old contract with a value of only $ 910,000, while Alison will receive a contract of $ 137,000. This low price is also uncommon in this year’s free market.

To know that Leverage Alison is still a package of $ 2.8 million in a year, the team believes that he can add Randel-Kiss to leave the No. 2 external connections. However, Alison’s performance did not allow the team to be satisfied. He is only 26 years old, full of all competitions in the last season, but 34 shots can only be ranked sixth place in the team; there are still 4 times.

In the 2018 season, because of the relationship between groin surgery, Alison is lying in the injury preparatory list. In the five games, he received 20 passes, pushed 303 yards and got 2 buses to reach; he also missed 2 games because the brain shock was absent, despite this, he is also the third number of the team. Take over. Since 2016, he has been aimed at 146 times, he received 89 balls from it, promoted 1045 yards, contributing 6 times.

However, after coming to the lion, Alison may only become a four-level takeover. At all, he will inevitably lag behind Kenny – Gao La, Marvin-Jones and Danie-Oman Dora; and he also wants to compete with Ma Wen-Hall and Chris Lasi to compete out this fourth Take the position of the hand. Perhaps the lion is not high for Alison’s expectation, and an old contract is a lottery ticket.