Breddy is the best in history: it is better to call me waste!

Before I remember the US Federation, the patriot was recognized as “down the dog”, Braddy is called, “This is nothing to do, this is very interesting, we walk”; and before the super bowl, the male troughCorner Nikur Robbalman has ridiculed Braddy in an interview, and Braddy is too old.The final result is also known, Braddy’s sixth time is holding the dramadi cup.In the 17 seasons of him, 9 seized the Meetian Champion ranked among the super bowl, 4 captured the super bowl MVP, and there were 14 cases of professional bowls and the title of 3 regular game MVPs.No matter what you said, no matter what he wants to listen, this is a fact, Braddy is the best in history!