Braddy announced that it will leave the new England Patriots 6 crown legendary career next stop yet

On March 17, Beijing time, Tom Brradi released a message on the social platform, and clearly expressing the new season will be effective than other teams outside the new England patriot. For 20 years, 6 super bowls champion, this legendary superstar will open a new journey.

Breddy personally announced

Breddy personally announced

There is a four-point guard in the history of NFL’s history, and is generally considered to be Tom Brady, the greatest player’s Tom Brady, has been playing from the Dictionary of New England Patriot. In these 20 years, Braddy has led the patriot to create an unprecedented Dynasty, and the relationship between the two parties can hardly say that it is unbreakable.

However, as the patriots sent a copy of the Cascade back to Brady’s 2019 season, “Fourth-Year Han” will continue to stay in New England. There is no exact message. Whether it is the head coach, the team boss or Braddy himself is hesitant.

Now this guess is that the dust is set, and the local time on Tuesday, that is, the next day, NFL opened this year’s free transfer market, Braddy published a letter of thanks to the patriot and fans on the individual social platform, he highly praised it. Twenty years of the team exchanged, and it is also clear that the state will continue your career elsewhere.