Bobsports Sports: Players want to leave the club, Andutotti will not stop Eden Hazard

Royal Madrid coach Anterti said that if Belgian wants to leave the club, he will not stop Eden Hazard.

Since the trading with Chelsea, Hurd has experienced injuries in Berna and two years before and after. In 2019, Losblancos, the fee was at 100 million GB. During this time in Spain, the potential of this Best player once a Premier League has been impacted by various injuries, but he has completely restored health this season, this month, Easy, Loty confirmed this idea. But you can’t enter the side on the basis of the same basis.

Ansoty has recently said: “He new daily has been prepared by the game, to day breaking news but there is a coach to prefer another aaj samachar aaj ke samachar player.” The 30-year-old player has been trying to replace the left of Xiaitius, in Under the leadership of Ancelotti, the growth of the Brazilian in 14 goals and 5 assists in 14 games.

Hazard defeated the opponent Barcelona in this month, Hazard was an unused replacement player, and the former Chelsea’s amulet was only in the past two La Liga. It is given a 21 minute and 5 minutes of playing time. As this road leads to a team, people have questioned his future.

In this regard, Ancelotti has now standing up, and if this hard struggle is looking for leaving Real Madrid, he will not stop Hazard. “In my coaching career, I have never forced a player to leave when they want to leave,” Ansotti said. “In my personal opinion, I have no doubts about this.”

Regarding whether he made Hazard’s current from india competitive pressure over the big indian hindi day and small Vietnus had too many game time, And Chetlotti said: “I don’t think so.” He is very good, he is very young than others. good. “If he has problems or physical conditions, we can let him rest. But now we are very satisfied with him.”