BOB Sports Champions League International Milan is fully committed to renewing Brossovich

Luozuo is currently a very important member of the Blue Hanfen Legion. In the past 3, he is a very important player. He can help the team can contribute to the attack and defensive ends, and his competitive features are also required. If the future club will continue to fail, then the Blue-black army wants to quick heal customer care number pune find the same level of the today news in tamil video stars, at least costly costs.

Therefore, the Blue-Black Legion has shown a positive attitude on the renewal issue of the player, and the team will work hard in the future. But the problem that the team needs to consider is that the renewal will not cause financial problems. At present, the player is using his own stadium to prove that he is in the team’s influence. He is with Barrera, Raotaro and others are the core players in the team, and the club is not willing to lose these players.

The news given by the English media, Barcelona has already begun to prepare for the winter window transaction operation, and the club hopes to bring the old power of the Naotou Entinho to the club. The Red Blue Legion hopes to convince the other party to send away the player with 2 million quotes. The purpose of the cnnibn breaking news club is to reinvigify the team’s offense ability in the future trading window. I believe that the player I have known the club intentionally introduced the player, and he is also very expected to join the Red Blue Army, for the player’s trading, many clubs The fans are welcome to come to the club.

The player can hand over 7 + 5 this aj take news season. Its advantage is that there is a strong toning, and the personal disc ‘s ability is very good, very in line with the club to the offensive end for the player, and he has high offensive efficiency, the door is very powerful, this is also It is very good to solve the problem that the Red Blue Army Group encountered in the offensive end. After all, the club’s current breaking efficiency is very low. From the current situation, the player is indeed a good attorney, Just look at him my own wishes.