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Macroeconomic economy

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[220 km per hour, the Shanghai Railway runs the highest speed]

From the China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group Co., Ltd. On May 4, on the basis of the first step-by-step testing joint test, Tonghu Railway conducts the highest test speed level speed test. The test train runs out of the test target speed value of 220 km / h. Try another stage target.

[Ren Zipping: External disk fluctuation on A shares has a small domestic economy will be significantly restored in the second quarter]

During the May 1st holiday, the international global market had fluctuations. After the holiday, how the A shares will go, the chief economist of the Evergrande Group, the Dean of the Evergrande Research Institute, said that the recent market is fluctuated, mainly because the European and American epidemic spread Beyond the market expectations, but due to China’s leading to the world in the world, China became the fastest-saving harbor of the world’s resurgence, the impact on the A shares was relatively small, especially the central government launched a new infrastructure. The macro hedging policy measures for expanding consumption, investment, domestic demand, etc. In the second quarter, there will be obvious recovery, and global investors will further enhance the confidence of A shares and China’s economy.

[Peking University team discloses heavy research results: glycidine can inhibit new crown virus replication]

Beijing University Xie Zhengwei Team and the Qin Zhengfeng team of Military Medical Sciences, published on the Biological Print this website (Biorxiv), “An Artificial Intelligencesystem Reveals Liquiritin Inhibits Sarscov-2 By Mimicking Type I Interferon” (artificial intelligence system display, glycyridide passed imitation Research thesis of I-shaped interferon inhibits SARSCOV-2). The study found that the primary ingredient of licorice in Vero cells was discovered by its autonomous artificial intelligence prediction system, and the EC50 was 2.39 m, and the study was analyzed by the cells. The change in transcription group reveals potential antiviral mechanisms of glycidine, and the safety of licoridine is evaluated in mice, which lays a foundation for their pharmacy.

Financial news

[Hong Kong Wealth Fund FirstThe quarter lost 86.1 billion Hong Kong dollar recorded]

Due to the fall in the global stock market, the Hong Kong Wealth Fund’s first quarter loss record high of HK $ 86.1 billion (US $ 11 billion). On the occasion of Hong Kong’s most serious economic shrinkage this year, it brings further pressure. Li Dazhi, Vice President of the Hong Kong Gold Management Bureau, said in the Legislative Council briefing meeting, Hong Kong Stock Fund Hong Kong stocks and other stock investments have lost 111.5 billion Hong Kong dollars, while bond investment recorded $ 54.4 billion in the first quarter. Li Dazhi said that there should be no short-term revenue or loss ink, but should be based on long-term benefits. Li Dazhi said that in view of the pace of popularity, economic recovery, the prospect is difficult.

[“May 1” holiday Beijing consumer marketRe-warming key business circle passenger flownightCanteen part recovery]

“May 1” holiday, Beijing key business district launched hundreds of promotional activities, and major business districts have a clear recruitment, passenger flow and sales are synchronized. The latest data shows that the city’s chain supermarkets, convenience stores, beauty salons, commercial super distribution logistics, home political, express delivery, gas station and other 13 areas, 10,136 stores have completed 9,254 workers, and the opening reagent rate is 91.3%. However, under strict prevention and control measures, commercial superb passenger traffic does not exceed 30% of the maximum load capacity.

Commercial dynamic

[Rui Fusing coffee shock wave! This insurance species, this year, 72 A-share companies urgently, the maximum limit of 80 million US dollars! 】

Rui Xing has purchased the total amount of $ 25 million insurance, and the current claim has not been contained. The reporter is not fully statistically. Since this year, there have been 72 A-share listed company announcement will purchase responsibility insurance for the company’s directors, including 58 listed companies intended to invest in the company’s executives, exceeding Last year. Industry insiders told reporters that some companies will renew their banks after purchasing directors, but they will not be announced, so companies who purchase Dong Zuolu will exceed the quantity of the announcement.

[Hong Kong stocks and commercial stocks fell in the whole line in April car dealer inventory warning, located above the glory line]

Hong Kong stocks have fallen all the lines, and Yongda cars fell 7%, Guanghui Baoxin, Zhengtong Motor fell over 5%. The latest issue of China Auto Flow Association “China Auto Dealer Investment Early Warning Index” VIA showed that the inventor’s annual warning index of the car dealer in April 2020 was 56.8%, down 4.2 percentage points from the previous month, down 6.9 percentage points year-on-year, inventory warning The index is located above the row.

[Junshi Biology and Li Qi Pharmaceutical will cooperate to develop and commercialize the new crown antibody]

Hong Kong stock Junfei Biological Release Announcement, Recently, the company has signed the “R & D Cooperation and License Agreement” with the US Li Qi Pharmaceutical Company. According to the agreement, the two sides will cooperate to develop and commercialize SARS-COV-2 neutralization antibodies (“Junshi New Crown Antibody”, product code: JS016), and the Li Shui Pharmaceutical will be awarded in Greater China, including mainland China, Hong Kong Regions, Macau and Taiwan areas to carry out R & D activities, production and sales exclusive licenses.

International information

[Bundesliga, Premier League and other European multi-country football league brewing restart]

With the prevention and control of European new coronal pneumonia epidemic, the multi-country football league that is suspended due to the epidemic is being rebounded, and the European football is expected to fight against the future. This is undoubtedly a good news for the majority of fans.

[New Zealand Sheng City has achieved zero growth in new crown cases since New Zealand]

The New Zealand Ministry of Health, Ashley Bloomfield announced on May 4 that the country did not add new crown diagnosis and suspected cases in the country, which is the first time in New Zealand’s “Fengcheng” has achieved zero growth. As of 4th, New Zealand diagnosed 1487 cases and 20 cases of death.

[French hospital nucleic acid re-test results show: “Zero patient” or appeared in December last year]

France found that patients who were earlier infected with new crown viruses in the country were in December last year. It is still not determined whether there is a patient infected. A doctor named Ev Cohen disclosed on the TV media on May 3, saying that when the nucleic acid detection samples for patients with viral pneumonia last December and January were discovered, One of the patient samples were positive, and the patient’s infection time would be traced back on December 27 last year, and the infection time of the first new crown infection in the French was infected for a month.

[Japan Government todays news marathiExpert Conference: “Emergency Declaration” or extend to May 31]

On the morning of the local time, the Japanese government held a Governmental Expert Conference that Japan’s “Emergency Declaration” aging should be extended from the original May 6 to May 31, and the applicable object is the national nationwide. Japan Prime Minister Abe will officially announce the relevant details after listening to expert advice after May 4.

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