Before the competition, the tramp is helped to take off the semi-stricken chimes, the whole city, find people to send the United States finals

Before the semi-semi-talented partition, the harsh weather made Most of Kansas City, the thick snow covered, staff overtime, unknowingly cleansing the road to the arrow court, but even so, there are still many places. Can’t take care, many vehicles are trapped by heavy snow. Emirates Hawove – Allen met this situation, he was originally went to the team to report, and the car accidentally trapped in the snow, until a good person helped him get rid of the dilemma. Unfortunately, this kind of good people don’t know Jeff – Allen, I only know that he is an unlucky egg that needs help, Allen who I have forgotten to the contact of the man, I only know that he is called. husband. After the end of the Sunday, Allen helped the chief to defeat the little horse into the United States Union final, and the joy did not forget the kind people who were in helping him. If he was not him, he was likely to be late. So Allen released a search for people on the twitter, trying to find Dai, and for grateful, please see the Emirates’ finals.