B Talking about the Golden Globe: Although it is clear that you will not win, I am also proud of get nominations.

Live Bar November 3, Manchester United, Bruno – Fernandess selected this year’s Golden Games candidate list, recently said in an interview, although it is unlikely to win this award, but he still happy for nomination.

Since Jast of January 2020, the B-fee was taken in 94 games in 94 games and 32 assists.In addition, he won the best in the best month, with its excellent play, the B fee was selected for 30 people’s candidates, which reported that his award was 66/1.Due to the influence of new crown epidemics, last year’s Golden Games were canceled, break proof tv La Wan and Messi were the popular candidates of this year’s Golden hindu god tiles online Games.

“I have a dream from a child to be the best midfielder in the world.” The pm modi news today live B fee said to Manchester United official website.

“For me, although I am very clear that I won’t get the Golden Radon, I am nominated to make me proud, and those who are accompanying me will be proud of me, I am very happy.”