Another evidence of steel people? Zhu Zhu will replace Brown to participate in professional bowls

The Pittsburgh Stebers Squad Salary Antonio-Brown will continue to miss the next game after missing the last game of the regular season, and will continue to miss the next game – professional bowl. Previous Brown’s “fraud” news has triggered the hot discussion of the football world, and now he continues to miss the professional bowl, let the fans want to enter non-non- According to the team spokesperson, Brown could not play professional bowls or because of “injury”, his position will be replaced by teammates Zhu Zhu – Schustel.

Zhu Zhu has experienced a turmoil before entering the professional bowl. Brown did not play the last critical competition. It is said that it is not a relationship with the injury, but in the training camp with the quarter-Rodris Big, which has not participated in any training and team meeting. The team has not contacted him, so it is excluded from the list of games.

It is reported that the cause of Brown explosions in training is that most players will invest Zhu Zhu inside the MVP vote, which makes Brown unacceptable. Zhu Zhu has completed 111 balls of 1426 yards and 7 times in 16 this year, while Brown 104 games pushed 1297 yards and 15 records, the number of balls was quite, but the number of times is Zhu Zhu is more than twice, no wonder the brown will be dissatisfied.

Now Brown’s attitude is more obvious. Since you think Zhu Zhu is the most valuable player of the team this season, then you let him play professional bowls. It is reported that since Brown walked a circle on the 17th week, he did not communicate with the coach Mike Tomstone or other teammates. Out of this child, the steel team is also considering the fourth time of the fourth time to select a professional bowl.

The professional bowl will be held on January 28th, Beijing time.

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