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During the dull stop, the US media Total Pro Sports reported a heavy message. According to reports, the NFL wild horse team player Nick Fannet’s wife Erza Haliti provoked the event on social media, directly attacked NBA’s active influence of James, saying that he and his model girlfriends Sofia Jamora.

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“I am not only a person who doesn’t like James. I think I will never like men who are not loyal to the wife.” Erza Haliti also equipped with James free throws, and marked the girlfriend’s account and name, it is easy to let People chase back traceable.

All along, James is a model of a good man in the alliance. He met with his wife Savana high school. After the two were together, James did not have any gangs. Among the conflict alliances, James couples and Curry couples are a clear flow, they are also the benchmark. However, this NFL player’s wife spits James to deceive his girlfriends, or more or less will affect James’s reputation.

However, even the US Total Pro Sports will not have ideas, they have written, “for this information is held, because we don’t know if it is all right. Don’t expect James to go to front. “

In fact, it can be seen from a few details, which is more like a hype. If the wife of the NFL player wants to remind girlfriends, it doesn’t have to use this way. She will circle James and girlfriends, will only make two more ugly. As a friend, the wife of the NFL player has no reason to do such a stupid thing. There is also a fan to vomiting, “James Lian Le Hanna can’t see, you will look at your 18-wire small net red? Who is lie!” In addition, NFL players Nick Vannet let his wife remove this rbse exam news 2021dynamic, avoid causing A bigger controversy.

That girlfriend Sofia Jamora is a brilliance of a fan of 2.77 million people, but it is obviously a lack of heat than the superstar like James. Every year, there are always many people want to talk to the super superstar. The current situation shows that the possibility of “thaw” James, the model “Touching the Porcelain” may be more possible.

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