After the ban, James was warned by the alliance + a fine of 15,000 US dollars, and the reasons for explaining punishment.

Beijing time on November 27th, according to SHAMS, the Lakers’ star James was fined $ 15,000 by the league, and was also warned by the alliance.

James challenged the game of Knicks because of the ban on the game, and after the ban, he went back, and the last James led the team to pass through the Time to fight in the road, and finally the victim of the pedestrians, avoiding losing. But this game has just been a day, James receives the league ticket and warning, which is quite unexpected. Shams talked about the reasons for James’s punishment and warning in the report.

Shams said that James encountered a warning because in the interview, the rebellion was banned, James
thought that he hit Stewart is a unintentional behavior, should not be banned, and let him missed the game in Madison Garden Square. And James’s rebellion was a warning of the alliance. He was fined $ 15,000, because in the game against the squad, finally jumped a dance of NBA Mingli.

In addition to more than one minute left in the overtime, James welcomes Turner’s defensive hit a key 3 points in the top of the left, helping the Lakers have established a 6-point leading advantage and almost locked the victory of this game. And excited James then jumped up a “big egg dance”! He lied his own important part, then his legs stepped up, you can see how excited, James is how excited, because this goal, helping the Lakers to stand up, and have a shock Sailing a game. However, James’s dance was qualitatively “downflow action” in NBA, so it was fined.

This “big egg dance” has a certain history in the NBA field. According to the famous teacher Su Qun Teacher, the player who earliered this dance in the game was NBA, Kassel, but after this, the NBA issued a ban, not allowed players In the game, you jumped this downward dance step, but such a ban did not control the very exciting mood and move of some players. In this way, many players were fined by the alliance in the game because of this dance step. Karonbatler, Brach, Kevin Martin and Randell have been fined $ 15,000 because of jumping out such a dance step, while Josh Smith, Eddi House, Belineli, etc. Penalties $ 25,000.

So, this time James was punished because of the dance, it would not make people feel unexpected, but in just a few days, it was continuously banned, warns and fines, and a super star, alliance facade of James. Word, it is really rare! According to the teacher of Su Qun, since the NBA is prohibited from “big egg”, only one person jumped like this. This player is the Homed Bike, he is the second jump after Kassel. The dancer of the paragraph, but since he also jumped out such a dance several times, the alliance did not make a punishment for him.