According to the latest news, Chelsea interested AC Milan door will give the sky price contract.

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Beijing time on March 5th: According to the latest news of the Italian Media “Freedom”, Chelsea locked the AC Milan Gate, Chelsea will sign a contract with the door after the new news english player contract expires. Prior to this, Rajio wanted to operate it to other teams, and he also contacted many giants.

At the end of the root, Dona Rome leaves the team for some level of interest. In the past, the conditions proposed by Rajio was a short-term contract for approximately two years, and the annual salary must reach 10 million euros. However, this was rejected by AC Milan, and AC Milan represents high salary, but must sign a long-term contract, which is the hello google news difference between the two parties. Signing a short-term contract will help players continue to negotiate with the team in the future, and will also get higher salary. If you sign a long, the player is not so big.

AC Milan obviously taking into account these, so it is not willing to give Donar Rame short-term contracts, which leads to sanction between Raiola and the team. He will operate Donarua for other teams. At this point, Chelsea contacted him at the time, the Blue Army news english news wanted to strengthen the location of the door. Before this, there was reported that the Blue Army was prepared to fill the location of Kempa, transaction, and vacancy. As the young door of Italy, Dana Rome has the strength and ability of the players, which is the reason why Raiora has confidence and other teams require high salary.

Chelsea is also willing to give Dona Rama high salary. After all, the main purpose of the Blue Army is to further strengthen the team, and it biggest news stories of 2019 india is not too much to invest in funds. Abu boss wants to make the team more powerful at all costs. After the big signature of last summer failed to achieve the expected effect, Abu prepared further increased investment, he didn’t want to waste halfway.

After you have failed to buy Oblak before, Chelsea’s goal is Dona Roman to strengthen the location of the door. According to the synchronization news of the picture, Chelsea may provide an annual salary of 15 million euros head line news today after taxes. This is a difference in the location, this is nothing difference with the quotation contract. Such a contract has been touched to Raiola.

For AC Milan’s fans, they can’t accept the team and Dana Rome’s continuous tuning war. In addition, Milan fans think that the team has done enough for them. At this time, if the player is willing to leave the team, let him go, the team will no longer need him. Obviously, Milan fans were hurt by the behavior of Dana Ramama and Broker Raiora. For Chelsea, the team urgently needs targeted reinforcements in each location. After all, the current competition is getting more and more intense, and after the Tutum Help the team returns to the right track, they also see the hope of revival.

Today, Manchester City is too powerful in Premier League. If the Blue Army wants to be with Manchester City, they must sign. Win Dana Ram is a very important step. At present, the two sides are negotiating, and the Blue Army is also likely to sign Dana Rome.

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