4-1! Wang Mun, the god, the single bureau 11-1 does not let the ball, 3-8, reverse, fight the country table tennis player

In the first game of the 12th, Li Tie’s national football, the score is 0-3, in the face of the Australian team, the national football means is not much, and finally lose to the opponent. After the game, the Australian media “SMH” reviewed this, in this media, Australian men’s football team won very easily, just like a cat and mouse on the court, and after seeing such a review, hope national football can be Starting, after all, our skill is not as good, but on the stage of the 12th game, the national football team also needs to fight!

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The Australian team started in this game, and quickly achieved a 2-0 lead, the second half competition, they once again entered 1 goal again, and they will be 3-0. In this regard, Australian star Muy said, “This is a wonderful game, we only finished 2 days, but the team’s spirit is not established in two days, but based on the past many years.”

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For their team winning, Australian media is very proud, review, “Friday morning, we defeated the Chinese team with 3-0 scores, we overcome catastrophic preparation, currently ranking Before the list, the Australian team only conducted 2 training. I was forced to move the home to Qatar, and the seven players, including the captain did not enter the list, and 2 assistant coaches exited due to logistics and health. In the kangaroo army, the original difficult, but eventually ended with a piece of dish. “

Subsequently, the Australian media continued to write, “After opening, the kangaroo army once is not ideal. The Chinese team has been in training for 12 days, so familiarity, let them have confidence in the early days, 15 minutes before the game, the opponent basics At the end of Australia, the game is at the end of the game, Australia is like a cat playing mouse. “

Obviously, the Australian media believes that the strength of the national football is very general, and they win very relaxed, this is actually the fact, this game is coming, the national football is not as good as people, and the Australian Mbappé Jerseyteam has more than 9 consecutive victories ( Counting the 40th game), the status is very good.

The Australian coach Arnold said after the game, “I am proud of the performance of the team, we still have a lot of places that need to improve, but in my opinion, our performance is very good tonight!”

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