11 spread 27 points, positive and negative value +39! I have kill jazz, Xiaojun’s current cuisine is full of data columns.

Morant has entered the alliance to show a lot of physical fitness, all kinds of anti-day, and it is a first-line center that tries to the unlicensed alliance. Such a play is full of violent aesthetics and ornamental, and at the same time, it also buried the risk of hidden dangers, Rose and Wei Shao’s performance are very good examples. When we were most worried about our most, Molan encountered the attack of the left knee sprain, and there is no specific backup time. Without Morrant’s explosion score output and tissue, this team does not seem to find the core of the organization that can rely on, how should the team face the opponent?

The Grizzlies came back to “toughness”, and the former “black and white double bear” is not the master who wants to encounter. Forced five-five-five games will let the opponent fall. Although the team has no two seniors, the team culture and spirit that they stay can also be infected with the growth of a young player, which is difficult to form in the short term. In the surcharge of defeating the Warriors last season, we witnessed the patience of this team playing and charter, as well as the defeat of the new season to the Warriors, undoubtedly not close with the team’s style.

In this game of the Thunder, the Grizzlies lacked the core Morant, https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
the opposite Thunder did not have Alexander town farms, both sides were the contest between role players. Thunder’s offense lacks organizational points, so many passes are very deliberate, mostly for passing the ball, there is a lot of unnecessary mistakes, so that the Grizzlies have played a lot of counterattacks. Such a frustrated manifestation, of course, the whole team lost the heart and passion, and even half of the other party in the fight against the rebound.

In the end, we also saw that the Grizzlies were 73 points at 152-79 victories, which was the first difference between NBA history. The Grizzlies and a wave of offensive score, completely crushed the confidence of the opponent, and we can see from its defensive performance. The Grizzlies have 9 players to score the double. The shot hit rate is 62.5%, and the https://www.maillotbasket6.com three-point hit rate is 52.9%, so the performance is far exceeding the average level of the season. At this point, the scorpion of the Thunder’s 73 points has successfully loaded the history of the history and became a big laughter of the future.

This Grizzlies can win the opponent in the absence of a star, in addition to the unity of all members, and the opponent’s unfamed, it is necessary to express the little Jaun: His audience is only 20 minutes, 11 9 in 9, 27 points, 3 rebounds 1 assists 2 steals 2 cap data, three-pointers 7 shots 6, and its team was up to 42 points during the field. 27 points are also the highest score of the audience. There is no doubt that Xiaojarun has become a new star of the team second only to Morant, and its act is enough to compete for the role of the two.

Whether it is for the impact https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com of the basket, it is still a three-point projection of the outside, such performance has reached a mature old request. In addition, his performance is more powerful, caps and steals; in the last game of defeating the Raptors, Xiao Jiaollen also played efficient, 5-way cap, let the opponent can’t Ignore his defense; only 14 points of shooting will receive 25 minutes and 6 rebounds 5 caps, which is at a positive and negative value of +21, which is his huge influence.

I don’t know if you still remember that in a game of jazz in the season, Xiao Jialun received the passage of teammates in the final critical moment, and completed three points. So we found that this is not only an attack and defense, which is a three-point shooter of a cold blood. He became the “Pip Peng” around Morant and is just a matter of time. He is comparable https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com to Yun Ertoi to be lucky. Soon after the start of this season, he got a four-year-end renewal of 4 years, after all, he was honored.