01177 – China Biopharmaceuticals: Voluntary Announcement – "Kag Column" won the drug registration certificate

Original title: 01177 – China Biopharmaceutical: Voluntary Announcement – “Kag Glue Card” Source: Stock Exchange – Disclosure

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Voluntary Announcement “Koglie Cobi” received a drug registration certificate

China Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (“Company”, together with its subsidiaries, “Board”) Board of Directors (“Board”) announced that the Group has been developed by the Group’s Treatment 2 diabetes drugs “Kagliji film” (trade name: competition Li Ping) has been issued by the National Drug Administration of the People’s Republic of China to issue a drug registration certificate, which is approved for the second national seminated drug, and is considered by the quality and efficacy consistency. Approved indications are: (1) When the metformin is used to use blood glucose, it can be used in combination with metformin; and (2) When the metformin and sulfonylurea drugs are controlled by poor blood sugar, they can be used with metformin and sulfur. Urea drug combination; combined with diet and exercise, improve blood glucose control in adult type 2 diabetes patients.

Koglie is a new type of sodium-glucose co-transporter transimin 2 (SGLT2) inhibitor, by reducing the renal absorption of glucose, increasing the amount of glucose discharge in urine to reduce blood sugar. Compared to other anti-diabetic drugs, the SGLT2 inhibitor is mainly: (1) Wide range of use, especially for blood glucose improvement in patients with renal diabetes; (2) It is not easy to cause low blood sugar, can improve islet beta cell function, Improve insulin resistance; (3) reduce the possibility of sodium sodium retention, and reduce the risk of causing cardiovascular diseases; (4) less side effects. Glue net drugs have been used in the United States and the European Diabetes Society, the United States Clinical Endocrinth Doctors Association, is recommended as a first-line two-line medication in type 2 diabetes.breaking news breaking news Studies have shown that the effect of Koglie net to the 2 diabetes patients with poor methane blood glucose control is better than that of Glenmerea and Siglittin, and the adverse reactions are small, and there is not easy to interpret the inter-pharmaceutical interaction.

The Group has been listed on the treatment of diabetes drugs with DPP-4 (dipeptidinylpeptidase-4) inhibitor Saurelus and Schlettle. The approved listing of Sai Li Ping (Kagli net film) further enriches the Group’s endocrine field product line, providing more clinical medication options, benefiting the majority of diabetes, will bring greater social and economic benefits.

Board of directors

China Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Xie Yunrun

Hong Kong, October flash news of the day 9, 2010

In this announcement date, the board includes nine executive director, namely, Ms. Xie Yun, Mr. Zheng Xiang, Mr. Xie Chengrun, Mr. Xiao, Mr. Li, Mr. Wang Shanchun, Ms. Li Yizhen and four independence Non-Executive Directors, Mr. Lu Zhengfei, Mr. Li, Ms. Lu, Mr. Zhang Ruf.

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