"Tianjin Youth Football Report" Championships grow rapidly, and Jinmen teenager has a responsibility

In recent time, Jinmen’s football teen will put all the efforts into the stadium of Tianjin Youth Football Championships. Under the active organization and promotion of Tianjin Football Association, every weekend, the championships of the Championships are fierce, and the small players put into investment, and the competition of the tournament will become more and more look.

At the first venue of Hexi Youth Football Training Base, Tianjin Youth Football Championship group match, Tucheng Primary School Youth Football Training Base and Xiqing Youth Football Training Base have encountered on the ground. The old opponents in the U12 age are reunited, because familiarity between each other, the process of competition has become more and more final news rapid. However, until the moment before the finalist sounded, the Turki Primary School Qingjun Base team finally entered the push-off goal, the two teams took a score of 3 to 3 into the penalty battle.

The previous Tianjin Youth Football Classic, the contest of the three or four finals, these two teams were divided into several nine rounds. Once again and again, this time the Tucheng Primary School Qingxin Base laughed at the end, a contest, the two teams of young people have many harvests.

Wu Bo Yi Tucheng Primary School Qing training base U12 team members have been enjoyed by exercise, because we have lost them before the elite competition, but we have a timely summary, this time we can get this kind of danger So, it is also very enjoyable.

Qin Dexin Xiqing Yongxun Base U12 team played the results of this game, live samachar today gave me a wake up and let us pay attention to every moment every minute. If we have the next game, we have the opportunity to meet them, we have confidence to defeat them.

Tianjin’s football teenager constantly released energy on the stage of the Youth Football Championship, and also accumulated confidence in the game. In the U11 group, the Mu Jie Youth Football Club Miao Street Primary School team ushered in the United States and the Middle Austrian Qing one plus toll free number training base U11 team. The same is a competition between a old opponent, and the small team of Mujie club controls the situation of the game to his hand. Find the way to win the enemy, 5 to 2 to lock the game, and the advancement of the football teenagers will make the coach is getting happy.

Tao Jiamu Jie Youth Football Club Miao Street Primary School team coach actually this competition, before the competition we met, when the ball was expelled, we were won by the opponent. Before this game, I told my team members. This is your revenge battle, I hope you can express it. The children are really good, and they won this victory.

U9 age segment, the small players also explored the feeling of breaking the score on the court. The key game for competition is unwilling to make the victory to make the victory, and the more ???? glue games, the more the ability of small players. Hengjun Youth Football Training Base Binhu Primary School U9 team team Chang An Bo, created a valuable point-in-law, in the case of his own goal, he massively gave the opportunity to teammates.

The team’s offensive is hot, and the chance of excellent location is manufactured. The captain still chooses to give the ticket to the small partner. In addition, Enurb is constantly encouraged and reminded to teammates, obviously in his eyes, in the process of striving, we should have more responsibility.

As the U9 team member of the Binhu Primary School, Hengjun Qi Qi Bai, I was very heavy, and I would encourage everyone when I was behind, and I would like to let everyone relax. Although it is the free kick and a penalty I have created, I want everyone to enter a ball, so I aaj tak live hindi live will give our teammates and free.